Floralis Genérica

Sincere apologies to you all for going AWOL! No, it had nothing to do with the massive power outages :-) That was restricted to the Northern states. I needed to rush off to Bangalore on personal work and returned with a bad cold. Clement weather obviously does not suit me! Do bear with me while I catch up with all your comments and the wonderful posts that I have missed.

For Ailsa’s travel theme this week I am showcasing a flower with a difference…..the Floralis Genérica! A flower that opens (at least it did till 2010!) in the morning and closes at dusk! A flower that according to its creator “is a synthesis of all the flowers in the world, and is a hope that is reborn every day to open”

Floralis Genérica – Buenos Aires

The Floralis Genérica is a mechanical stainless steel installation, gifted to the city of Buenos Aires in 2002 by the architect Eduardo Catalano, and located in a park off the Avenida Figueroa Alcorta. I shot this from the road en route to the Paseo Alcorta mall and couldn’t quite capture the reflecting pool underneath.

Floralis Genérica – Buenos Aires

Not technically beautiful perhaps, but at 23 meters high and with its buffed steel petals, it is hardly a wall flower!

For some fabulous snapshots of the Macy’s flower show and some gorgeous real flowers check out Ailsa’s post here

Until next time, happy travels wherever life takes you!

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