About Me

Hi and welcome,

Welcome to my blog. My name is Madhu.
I love design. I design interiors for a living (at least I did, until I took a long sabbatical.) I love reading, and I love desserts. But travel is my passion. I cannot imagine life without travel. This blog hopes to convey some of that passion, to inspire you to spread your wings. This is home to some of my journeys. This is what I saw.


“As a child, yearning to leave home and go far away, the
image in my mind was of flight – my little self hurrying off
alone. The word “travel” did not occur to me nor did the word
“transformation” which was my unspoken but enduring wish.
I wanted to find a new self in a distant place, and new things
to care about. 
The importance of elsewhere was something
I took on faith. Elsewhere was the place I wanted to be”
~ Paul Theroux in “The Tao of Travel”