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Elephant Crossing November 25

Joy is…….(No.4)

  An elephant crossing in the Serengeti!     This is my first attempt at videography, so do please pardon the quality and the editing. My awe (and nervousness!) is clear to see. Happy Tuesday! Linking to: Kan Walk Will Travel – Joy is….Building sand castles at the beach!   

Thumbnail November 21

Around The World In Circles!

The Circle. The Bindu. The Mandala. All ancient symbols of the infinite. The Cosmos. Defined by its center. The anchor of consciousness. Its circumference representing continuum. The whole. The end, and the beginning. The sun, the moon, the stars. The divine halo. The seasons. The tides. Time….every single hour, minute and second. Life. All cyclical. All circular. Join […]


The Urge To Wander Now On Viber Public Chats!

I am excited to announce The Urge To Wander’s own chat stream on Viber Public Chats: a new feature by Viber, launched just this morning. Download the latest version of Viber and follow live updates at on your smartphones.    

Thumbnail November 19

Photo Essay: The Captivating Landscape Of Tarangire.

  Our Coastal Air flight from Kigali into the Manyara airstrip on a twelve seater Cessna, was not half as turbulent, or terrifying, as I had envisaged. George, our safari guide/driver from The Wild Source, was waiting to transport us to the first of four parks on our Northern Tanzanian safari circuit. The drive to the Nomad Kuro camp […]

Ngorongoro In Perspective

A group of indigenous Masai herdsmen on the floor of the Ngorongoro crater, demonstrate the smallness of humans and the vastness of nature. And this near minimalist postcard, its majesty. Happy travels…………no matter where life takes you.  

Thumbnail 1 November 07

Rubbing Shoulders With Silverbacks!

We are warned not to get too close to the mountain gorillas. Or touch them. But the great apes are not bound by any such restrictions.  Guhonda, the largest silverback on the planet, lies on his belly, staring at us intently. Then he heaves up all 400 imposing pounds, and strides purposefully to a clump of bamboo shoots […]


The Magnificent Karst Bridges Of Wulong

The stunning Three Natural Bridges in Wulong National Geology Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site, and setting for key scenes in “Transformers 4: Age  of Extinction” & “Curse of the Golden Flower” – was the highlight of our China trip along with Laitan ancient town. I featured both in some of my earliest posts. Here is a recap in photos, […]


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