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Shore Temple - Mahabalipuram November 27

Awesome Threesome!

It took the visit of two of my favourite bloggers – Bama & James – to get me to savour the treasures in my own own backyard….a Unesco World Heritage ensemble, no less! Here’s a threesome from the Mamallapuram Shore Temple for starters. (You surely didn’t think I was referring to us?) And another! Until next […]

The Ayyanar Horses November 24

The Clay Horses Of Ayyanar

Growing up in a small town joint-family with an incessant stream of visiting grand aunts and uncles fed my fascination for mythology, and left me with a fair knowledge of the Hindu pantheon and the stories they inhabit. But the blue skinned equestrian ‘God’ sticking out of the pile of polished antiques was unlike any I had seen before. His swarthy complexion had me mistaking […]

MSMM (Meyappan) house - Inner hall. November 15

Chettinad – The Mansions Of Merchant Princes

Karaikudi, in the Southern Tamil hinterland, is a three hour bumpy ride from the nearest airport in Madurai*. There is no hint in the barren nondescript landscape of the immense wealth amassed by its renowned residents until we turn a sharp corner and come upon one crumbling mansion after another. Cloaked in neglect. Bereft of life. Sad sentinels to the affluence and […]

Getaria, Spain October 29

Getaria – A Seafarer, A Couturier & Sensational Seafood!

No visit to Getaria can begin without knowing the answer to this simple question: Who was the first person to circumnavigate the earth? What you and I learned in primary school, it appears, is the wrong answer! Ferdinand Magellan did plan and embark on the ambitious voyage from Spain. He did discover the strait that led to the Pacific ocean (whose name […]

Map of Madaba October 16

The Marvellous Mosaic Map Of Madaba

It is quite remarkable how an accidental archaeological discovery can catapult an obscure little town into the world map. The discovery in question is a map in fact, that is eponymous with the Jordanian town of Madaba: once a biblical fortress of the Moabite kingdom, about which there is limited historical mention in the Bible or elsewhere. It has been surmised from inscriptions […]

Labastida, Spain October 01

Fine Wines, Bodegas & Hill Towns Of Rioja Alavesa

For our 40th anniversary last month, (You read right. And ditch the math, I am not quite as old as you are thinking right now!) we consciously decided to give showy sights a miss for a slow savouring of food, wine and languorous coastal villages. And the Basque region came up trumps on all counts. With just the right amount of […]

Featured Image -- 27388 September 29

Déjà vu – Petra Revisited!

Originally posted on The Urge To Wander:
To my mind, it is the long preparatory trek through the narrow path – the 1.2 km gorge called the Siq – that lays the groundwork for the dramatic unveiling of the city of Petra. A natural geological fault, eroded smooth by sand, water and wind, and with walls…


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