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Eiffel Tower Thumbnail December 17

In Photos – La Tour Eiffel

Awaiting the illumination of the 125-year-old iconic Parisian landmark on a pleasant summer evening on the Champ de Mars, ought to have been a romantic experience. But the presence there of an unbelievably large number of people with the same intention ensured it wasn’t. With no sign of a stubborn sun giving way to dusk […]

Thumbnail 1 December 13

Serengeti – The Cycle OF Life

The ‘endless plains’ stretched ahead of us. Tranquil. Seemingly light years from the stressful demands of our life in the big city. The passage of time marked only by the movement of the sun. We were aware by now, after our dawn to dusk game drives in Tarangire and Ngorongoro, that the tranquility conceals a dynamic eco system where the pressures of survival outweigh a placid […]

Thumbnail - Joy December 10

Joy Is……..(No.5)

A room with a view!!! Happy travels….no matter where life takes you. Related: Kan Walk Will Travel – Joy Is ….(Wk 20)

Thumbnail December 05

Colour My World – Grey

Grey. That most neutral of colours. Detached, disengaged, doubtful. Neither white nor black. Day nor night. The morning mist. The shadowy veil of twilight. The dismal pall of winter fog. The ghostly whispers of memories. The colour of wisdom and truth. Of life.   Presenting a gallery of greys from around the world for FriFotos on Twitter     Related: […]

Shibuya Thumbnail December 01

The Synchronised Scramble Of Shibuya

Ten traffic lanes. Five pedestrian crosswalks. All converging onto the most iconic intersection in the world. An attraction in its own right. When the lights change, traffic comes to a halt on ALL ten lanes. And this huge mass of people – an estimated 2500 at any given time, and a whopping 2+ million per day! – surge forward in every direction in […]

Elephant Crossing November 25

Joy is…….(No.4)

  An elephant crossing in the Serengeti!     This is my first attempt at videography, so do please pardon the quality and the editing. My awe (and nervousness!) is clear to see. Happy Tuesday! Linking to: Kan Walk Will Travel – Joy is….Building sand castles at the beach!   

Thumbnail November 21

Around The World In circles

The Circle. The Bindu. The Mandala. All ancient symbols of the infinite. The Cosmos. Defined by its center. The anchor of consciousness. Its circumference representing continuum. The whole. The end, and the beginning. The sun, the moon, the stars. The divine halo. The seasons. The tides. Time….every single hour, minute and second. Life. All cyclical. All circular. Join […]


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