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DSC_4044 copy January 28

In Photos – Faith & Optimism In Myanmar

Faith: a belief based on trust. Optimism: an expectation of optimum outcome. Both illogical sentiments, each fuelling the other. Mine have consistently eroded over the years. But the faith and optimism we encountered throughout Myanmar, close on the heels of the show of solidarity during the recent deluge in my city, has left me feeling humbled. “Do you honestly […]

The actual sarcopahgus in the crypt below the shrine. January 22

Myanmar – The Shared Destinies Of Two Illfated Kings

This is a riches to rags story. Of the journey of the King of Delhi from his jewel encrusted chambers in the Red Fort to a tiny tenement in the by-lanes of Rangoon. Replicated, just twenty seven years later, by the ouster of the occupant of the exquisite Glass Palace in Mandalay and his exile to modest lodgings in […]

Inle Lake January 12

Myanmar – The Considerable Attractions Of Shan State

The Heho (airport) arrival hall dominated by a baggage scanning unit reinstates my pre-conceived notions. Its a bit like India in the seventies, when passenger comfort played second fiddle to paranoia over contraband. The authorities definition of it anyway. Once luggage is identified from the heap in the middle of the room however, and passed through the all seeing machine, […]

Happy New Year From Myanmar!

If anything, the recent floods that devastated my city underscored the unpredictability of life. I very nearly cancelled our visit to Myanmar. But R convinced me of the futility of that guilty decision. So here we are. In this beautiful land on the verge of promising new beginnings. All best wishes for a healthy, happy 2016!  

Pindaya, Myanmar December 26

Myanmar – First Impressions

The traffic snarls as we drive into Yangon, even with the ban on two wheelers within city limits, are reminiscent of Bangalore. But the roads are surprisingly wide and well laid (mostly). And they are garbage free! Pristine lakes and gardens abound. Splotchy red betel stains on sidewalks are familiar. Spotless public toilets, not. Vehicles with right hand steering […]

Photo courtesy R Senthil Kumar (PTI12_1_2015_000357B) via The Indian Express December 05

Grief, Pride & Hope In My Submerged City

Its been eerily silent this past week. I normally revel in the quiet of my neighbourhood, but this is the silence of devastation. Of a city knocked to its knees.  I miss the sounds I whined about. Of engines backfiring in the distance. Of the howling of strays or the keening of koels that shake me from my sleep at […]

Shore Temple - Mahabalipuram November 27

Awesome Threesome!

It took the visit of two of my favourite bloggers – Bama & James – to get me to savour the treasures in my own own backyard….a Unesco World Heritage ensemble, no less! Here’s a threesome from the Mamallapuram Shore Temple for starters. (You surely didn’t think I was referring to us?) And another! Until next […]


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