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DSC_3366 copy March 29

Capturing Ephemeral Moments In Venice

Travel for me is all about the transient moments I encounter. Fleeting fragments of life that evoke mood and a sense of place. To be able to freeze those ephemeral stories,  to ensure they endure long after their momentary enactment, is such a boon. Here are a few examples. All from Venice. In Torcello…. –  Exiting a vaporetto…. – […]

persian-tour March 23

My Journey Of A Lifetime?

A high school teacher who relied on statistics over story telling ensured I always lagged behind in history.  My geography teacher – a catholic nun, who seemed to be uncannily familiar with every squiggly indentation of every coastline on the globe – however, instilled in me a true awareness of the wonderful world I lived in. Even when none of my […]

Salad Thumbnail March 20

As Fresh As Fresh Can Be…..

  Fresh young seedlings chopped directly into a bowl……….     ……to create this fantastic Live Micro Green Salad at FAVA, Bangalore!     And if that is not enough freshness, here’s more;: The Rialto Mercato Kolkata Flower Market A Khmer Market in Cambodia The Scented Colours of Pak Klong Talat Until next time………happy travels, no matter where […]

Thumbnail March 14

Interpreting The Elements In Images

Blogger friends – Suzanne of The Travebunny, Kathryn of Travel With Kat and Wilbur of Wilbur’s Travels – have nominated me for yet another challenge. The Thomas Cook Explore The Elements Travel Photoblogging Challenge requires me to publish photos that best represent my interpretation of the four classic elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Here are my choices: […]

Thumbnail 2 March 10

Photo Essay – The Doors Of Zanzibar

Ornate carved doors are common in India. But I have never seen such a profusion in any one place before. They are impossible to miss anywhere you turn in Stone Town. Striking reminders of Zanzibar’s affluent past, in stark contrast to the drab, peeling walls they grace. The tradition of carved doors was originally borrowed from immigrant Indian trading communities, and […]

DSC_5079 copy March 07

The Dancing Girl And The Goddess

A primitive dancing girl and a Tantric Goddess trigger reflections on the current status of women in India.

Zanzibar Main Thumbnail March 01

Zanzibar – The Allure Of The Familiar

Everything, barring the intensely turquoise waters of the Indian ocean, felt startlingly familiar. The sultry weather, the spicy coconut infused curries, the colorful attire, the ornately chiseled doors. Even the traditional game of Bao. My Indianness, and the fact that I had grown up watching monsoon winds billowing the lateen sails of Arab dhows and dreaming of following in the wake of mythical adventurers, […]


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