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DSC_4293 copy September 02

Guggenheim Bilbao – A Spectacular Symbol of Renewal

When we dashed across, nearly a decade ago, on a (crazy) day trip from Barcelona to Bilbao just to gaze upon those stunning overlapping waves of shimmering titanium, we were clueless about the city’s history of industrial decline, or of the conception of the Guggenheim museum as an icon of urban reinvention.    It is hard to imagine […]

DSC_1971 copy August 16

Hola From Spain!

It is a good thing I enjoy planning my travels in advance, for spontaneity in travel (abroad) is denied to those of us holding Indian passports. Even more so, it seems, for married couples. You might remember I was required to submit a no-objection letter from R for my solo visit to Venice last year. That, I discovered later, is mandatory for […]


In Photos – Stolen Moments Of Solitude

I am teased endlessly for being a chatterbox. But for all my gregariousness I cherish solitude, enveloped as I am by the bustle of a big Indian city. Is it even possible to steal quiet reflective moments from the din of urban living? Yes it is. Solitude is in the mind. Learning to shut out the noise […]

Travel Quote Series 20 August 01

Travel Quote Series – The Enduring Value Of Experiences

I loved collecting ‘things’, once upon a time. Objects for the house. Clothes and accessories. And being Indian, jewellery. Because they gave me pleasure, and because it was the done thing. Today, I cannot look at anything of monetary value without converting the cost into travel terms. I have walked out of many stores with a […]

DSC_0249 copy July 25

Its All In The Detail…..

It is easy to get overawed by magnificent edifices and miss out on the exquisite details that contribute to making them awe-inspiring in the first place. With my design background, it isn’t so much that I don’t notice the finer nuances of architectural construction, as that I get so carried away by their intricacies that I forget to […]

La Villa Interior July 20

Bespoke Luxury at La Villa Pondicherry

An unassuming gate, that we drive past twice, opens into a small, leafy courtyard dominated by our restored 19th century ‘manor’ hotel: the former Villa Notre-Dame de la Garde, one time residence of the principal of the French school opposite. Now re-christened La Villa. We find the sparingly restored facade charming. We are relieved to discover, however, that the distressed charm ends at […]

Travel Quote - Departure into unknown lands July 13

Travel Quote Series – The Anticipation of Lands Unknown

  I would personally qualify the above with the addition of two words: ‘Some of….’ It might be considered blasphemous in the travel blogging community, and among the propagators of solo and full time travel, to admit to not all (my) gladdest moments being travel related. But I shall be quick to add, that while the anticipation of a departure into lands unknown does not quite measure […]


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