A blog award is a gift, a token of appreciation that is given from the heart.
I have received many such gifts from you, my dear readers, and I hope you
know that I value every single one dearly, even if I haven’t always
had the time to play by the rules.

On this, the first anniversary of The Urge To Wander, I have decided to create a
permanent space to acknowledge and showcase all my awards. With due
apologies of course, but also with much love and gratitude.


Many thanks to

Carissa of Everyday Adventures In Asia
for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Thanks  muchly to

Ann Christine of Lagottcattleya
Jo of Restless Jo

for the WordPress Family Award
So honoured to be part of your ‘family’ 🙂


Heartfelt thanks to
Annetbell of TalesAlongTheWay

For the Inner Peace Award


Thanks to
Yulia of In Search Of Perfect

For the Pirate’s Appreciation Award
Delighted to be appreciated by a fellow wanderer 🙂


Thanks to
Jade of Journeycount

For the Best Blog award & The Versatile Blogger Award
Much appreciated Jade 🙂

Thanks muchly to
Carissa Hickling of Every day adventures in Asia
Davis Stewart of The Green Walled Tower
Johanna Bradley of Restless Jo

For The Shine On Award
Love this pretty badge 🙂


Many, many thanks to:

Jennifer Avventura of My Sardinian Life
Jo Bryantz of Chronicles of Illusion
Viveka of Myguiltypleasures
Arnel of AllThingsBoys Blog
Sylvia of Anotherdayinparadise
Dallas of Crazy Train To Tinky Town
Naomi Baltuck of Writing Between The Lines
Francine of Francine in Retirement
Amy of The World Is A Book
Rommel of the Sophomore Slump

For The Blog Of The Year Awards!
Your validation is the best anniversary gift I could hope for 🙂

Thank you to
the lovely Lisa of Zebra Designs And Destinations

For The Booker Award.
You can view my post here.

Thanks to
Arnel of AlltThingsBoys Blog
Anna of Companulla Della Anna

For The Super Sweet Blogger Award
Delighted to own this lovely badge 🙂

Thank you
Annetbell of TalesAlongTheWay
Upasna from Life On My Plate
Meg of Meg Travels
Francine of Francine In Retirement
Khaula Mazar

For The Sunshine Award
Truly appreciate your gesture.

Thank you to
Katy of PragueByKaty

For The Adventurous Blogger Award
Delighted Katy 🙂

Thank you to
Viveka of My Guilty Pleasures
Lexi of The Life Bus
Francine of Francine in Retirement

For The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award
Its been my pleasure 🙂


Much gratitude to
Jeppe & Katja of Travelers Planet Blog
Richa of Sweet Jaw
Annetbell of Tales Along the Way
Loca Gringa
Nin of Nin’s Travelog
Max Reynolds of Max Reynolds Sunrise,
Francine of Francine In Retirement
Meredith of The Wanderlust Gene
Sonel (Sonel doesnn’t blog anymore, sadly)
Cathy of Catbird In Korea
Zully of The Spiritual Wanderer
Vladimir & Johna of Wind Against Current
Skinnywench of A WORD IN YOUR YEAR

For the Versatile Blogger Award
I appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Thank you

Meg of Meg Travels
Francine of Francine In Retirement
Jeppe & Katja of Travellers Planet Blog

For The Genuine Blogger Award
Genuinely delighted 🙂

Thank you very much,
Meredith of
The Wanderlust Gene
Amira of Mindblur

For The Awesome Blog Content Award
You know this means a lot, even if I forgot to mention it in my post 🙂

Many thanks:
Payal of Machine.Gun.Meow
Greatpoetrymhf’s Weblog
Skinnywench of A WORD IN YOUR YEAR

For the One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you
Amy of The World is a Book
Meredith of The Wanderlust Gene

For the Illuminating Blogger Award
Flattered and grateful 🙂

Thank You,
Nicole of Caught In Wanderlust
Sodaglass of Merry To Go Around
The Retiring Sort

For The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award.
Appreciate being included 🙂

Many thanks,
Stephen of
Every Day Another Story

For The Versatile Blogger Award
Much appreciated!

Thanks Also to
Gerry of Restawyle
Namita Lad of What life Says
Arnel of All Things Boys Blog
Reba of No Holds Barred
Sahbina of Sahbina Violet Flynn
Anna from Companulla Della Anna
Alyson of Algarve Blog

For The Beautiful Blogger Award
You make me feel beautiful guys 🙂

Thank you
Darkjade of
The Written Word
Le Drake Noir

For The Dedicated Follower Award
Happy to be one! And a special thank you to DJ for creating this beautiful badge!

Thank you
DanLrene of
Work the Dream
Emily of Hoof Beats And Foot Prints
Francine of Francine in Retirement

For The Reader Appreciation Award.
My pleasure entirely 🙂

Francine of Francine in Retirement

For the Best Follower Award
Thank you Francine 🙂

The Retiring Sort

For the (No Strings Attached) Gratitude Award
Thank YOU TRS 🙂


Thank you
Jordanna of Journeyofjordannaeast
Skinnywench of A WORD IN YOUR YEAR

For The Kreative Blogger Award
Appreciate your kindness 🙂

Thank you
Ela from Memyselfandela
Cathy of Nomad in the land of Nizwa
Darkjade of The Written Word
Sapna of Just Another Wake-up Call

For The Kreative Blogger Award
Honoured that you consider me deserving!

Thank you
Cornelia Lohs of
The Retiring Sort

For The Kreative Blogger Award
Truly grateful!

Thanks to
Nezhab of Arab Writer Chick

For the Tell Me About Yourself Award
It’s all here, here & here 🙂

Thanks to
Keyur Panchal of Keep Picturing
Trish Lechman of My Bag of Pixels
Karen Humilde of LiveWanderLove
Cornelia Lohs of 
Soni of Jaajabor
Anna from Companulla Della Anna
Denise from Denise Discovers
Sue Ann of Sue Ann’s Balcony
Darkjade of The Written Word

For the One Lovely Blog Award
Grateful for your kindness.

Thank you to

Jenny of readsbyredriverbanks
Denise of Denise Discovers
DanLrene of Work the Dream
The Confluent Kitchen
George Weaver of She Kept A Parrot
Manu of Manu Kurup
Robin of Bringing Europe Home
Kavi of Wingrish
Correen of Picture Perfect memories For Life
Sarah of In And Out Of Weeks

For the One Lovely Blog Award
And for your support and encouragement 🙂

Thank you
Tania of taniajessicasmith

For The Blog On Fire Award
Appreciate the compliment 🙂

Thank you

Himanshu of Everything Candid
Kat of Kat Pegi Mana
Sumithra of Hearing With The Eye
Naresh Ramadurai of Dream Lenz
Akositayex of Tayexsohermoso
Marcy of How Orples Came To Be
Mona of Ramblings
Anne Onsoien of Enjoy my Aventure
Gerry of Restawyle
Nicole of Thirdeyemom
Sahbina of Sahbina Violet Flynn
Pat of A New Day
Kavi of Wingrish
Kat of Travel Garden Eat

For The Very Inspiring Blogger Award
I am flattered and touched by your kindness!

Thanks to

Naomi of Writing between the lines
Greatpoetrymhf’s Weblog
Fast Pam from The Life Bus

For The 7X7 Link Award
Delighted and honoured guys 🙂

Thanks to
Suzanne of The Travelbunny
David Stewart of The Green Walled Tower
Miss M of A Fresh Start
Dema of One Step At A Time

For the Liebster Award
Accepted warmly, although I am not technically eligible 🙂

And to The Confluent Kitchen (acknowledged here)

For my very first blog award –The Liebster Blog Award
Can’t tell you how much, this meant to a newbie blogger 🙂

” I can no other answer make, 
but thanks and thanks and ever thanks”
~ William Shakespeare