Shanghai Contrasts

The ICBC building* rising in stark contrast against the traditional roof tops of Yu Yuan Garden in Shanghai’s old city.

ICBC Building from the Yu Yuan Garden - Shanghai, China
ICBC Building from the Yu Yuan Garden – Shanghai, China

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* The building in this image is actually the ICBC building in Puxi and not the Jinmao Tower as mentioned earlier in my post. Apologies for the mix up.

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67 thoughts on “Shanghai Contrasts

  1. I like this Madhu. This is very good example of contrast. The regular little crashes between old and new we see in cities around the world. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes Orples! I mistakenly tagged it Jin Mao Tower but it is actually the much smaller ICBC building! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Oops I believe it isnt!!
      It is actually the ICBC building in Puxi closer to the Yu Yuan garden than the Jin Mao Tower which is in Pudong across the river! Good catch Mimo! Apologies for the mix up! Editing my post right away.

  2. YES IT IS a perfect contrast. Interestingly I just posted two shots from the inside of that very tower (for weekly photo challenge down … of course a bit late).

    1. Wow! That is “Down” ! Probably the best entry for that challenge even if it is late! My shots of the tower would only qualify for “UP” though 🙂 We did not climb up to the top!

      1. That was a great experience. I grumbled a bit because the 3 people I was with were in a hurry to move along and I wanted to linger and take in the view. But I’m thankful for the brief time I had there.

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