And The Liebster Goes to…….

First off, many thanks to Michelle of Confluent Kitchen for considering me deserving! Accepting the Liebster was the easy part! Choosing my favourite five is proving to be tougher than I thought! Had not realised I had so many favourites! (Stubbornly refuse to let spellcheck change that to ‘favorites’)

But here goes – my top five bloggers with a following of under 200 (I think :-))

Taniajessicasmith – For Tania’s stunning and creative photographs and artwork. This girl is GOOD!

Wanderings of an elusive mind – For Carol’s wonderful, thoughtful, wandering prose!

Masala Art – For her recipes and her casual writing style! Primarily a food blog this is Meenakshi’s “signature masala blend of all things nice”!

Slowly by Slowly –  For Liz Cameron’s beautiful imagery and her conversations with the Karagöz shadow puppets “that took residence in the back seat of her head (and the car)”!

Writing Between The Lines –  For her humorous take on…..well everything! For a person to whom “new tricks don’t come easy” Naomi’s has a good thing going! 

Over to you guys 🙂
You are expected to pay it forward to 5 other fledgling bloggers with a following of under 200. If you don’t want to carry this forward that’s OK too….I almost chickened out of having to choose!