Weekly Photo Challenge: Through II

This weeks challenge brought to mind the crossing of our Nile cruise ship through the Esna Lock, between Aswan & Luxor

View from our balcony while passing through the first gate!

Just 30 minutes from Luxor all cruise ships have to pass through this lock sometimes causing a traffic jam that can last for hours! We were lucky and passed through without incident!

Esna Lock - Esna, Egypt

At this point the levels of the Nile are different on either side and the lock or the stretch of water between the two gates can be raised or lowered to facilitate navigation.

Close up of second gate

Esna Lock

This lock is closed twice a year, for a few days each in June and December for maintenance. During this time the cruise boats dock here and return to Aswan/ Luxor without completing their normal course

Esna Lock

Esna Lock

We crossed through around 2pm and the top deck was like a barbecue! R wisely napped in his air conditioned cabin,  while I (and the pretty French girl in white  below!) got burnt to toast taking these pictures 🙂

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