Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Six more awards and another significant milestone! The Urge To Wander – a moment ago – logged 10,000 hits! Needless to say, I am surprised, overwhelmed, grateful and flattered beyond words!

I am under no illusions about what these stats signify, but it is, nevertheless, hugely encouraging! Thank you dear readers for your time, your continued support and encouraging feedback! AND for putting up with my history lessons 🙂

For the awards, I owe thanks to these wonderful fellow bloggers:

Thank you Naomi (She had me from Hello 🙂 I clicked follow after reading her beautifully written first post!) for nominating me for the ‘7 x 7’ award and for your wholehearted appreciation of my work!

Thank you Tania (I meant it when I said she was GOOD! Rush before this girl starts charging for her autographs 🙂) for nominating me for the ‘Blog On Fire’ award! Means a lot coming from you!

Thank you Orples (Might not be long before you have to wait for autographs from this wonderful children’s author/illustrator either!) for nominating me for the ‘Genuine Blogger’ award and for your constant support!

Thank you Memyselfandela (A fledgling blog that is a delightful cornucopia of photographs, videos, poetry, et al!) for nominating me for the ‘Kreative Blogger’ award! Truly appreciate your gesture!

Thank you Mona (Teacher, photographer, almost dog trainer…Mona’s verstile blog never fails to delight me!)
Anne Onsoien (An AMAZINGLY creative designer/illustrator following her dreams and inspiring others to do the same through her wonderful blog!) for nominating me for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger award! Touched and honoured that you consider me deserving!

And finally many thanks to Meg (Whose beautifully scripted travelogues transport you to exotic destinations!) for – just a little while ago – nominating me for 2 more – the Sunshine blogger & another Genuine blogger awards!!! Grateful & overwhelmed!

But….with due apologies to the Bard (and Mae West!), I also believe, that too much of a good thing can be distracting! I have been so terribly busy the past couple of weeks that I have been reneging on my posting schedule! So with your permission, I humbly request to be exempted from the rules of the game!

Instead, I shall update my blog roll in the coming week (or so)! But do know, whether you are on that list or not, that I truly think ALL the blogs I follow, ROCK! You don’t need any nominations to validate that!