Sunday Post: Work

Here are images of some people at work that we saw on our travels.

1. Quechua weavers – Cinchero, Peru
These colourfully attired Quechua women demonstrate weaving techniques in Cinchero, in the sacred valley, Peru. Their smiles belie an underlying sadness that was palpable. Almost all of the tourist dollars are channeled back to Lima and these poor locals get but a tiny fraction of the bounty. That is the main reason we try to seek out small local agencies and private guides when we travel, in an attempt to give back to the local communities.

Quechua Weavers

2. Ash cleaner – Lama Temple, Beijing
This man was clearing ash generated by the burning of millions of incense sticks at the Lama temple in Beijing. People, including me, were waiting to mess up the burner again, almost as soon as he was done cleaning 🙂

Clearing ash from the incense burner – Lama Temple, Beijing

3. Chef/ waiter – Dadong, Beijing
This chef at Dadong is expertly preparing, what turned out to be one of our best meals in Beijing! This was the best roast duck we had ever tasted!

Roasting ducks, Dadong – Beijing, China

And here is the waiter carving – first the CRISP skin and then the meat into paper thin slices to be rolled into pancakes with slivers of shallots, veggies and plum sauce. This is where i pack my camera and start digging in 🙂

Carving duck at Dadong – Beijing, China

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