Travel Theme – Street Market

Pisac is more famous for its terraces. But the little town in the Sacred Valley is equally fascinating and also well known for its markets. The permanent stalls on the surrounding streets mostly sell cheap souvenir tat. But the main square comes alive every Sunday and Tuesday with stalls full of local produce to be bartered with people from neighbouring Quechuan villages. Loads of local artefacts, jewelery, alpaca yarn and produce. We saw varieties of corn and potato that we had never seen before! Touristy? Very! But colourful and charming if you are lucky enough to go on a less crowded day.

Stone frogs, Pisac town – Sacred Valley, Peru
Charming alley, Pisac town – Sacred Valley, Peru
Pisac Market – Sacred Valley, Peru
Pisac market
Some of the nearly 4000 varieties of potatoes to be found in the Andes!!

This post is in response to Ailsa’s travel challenge: Street Market

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