Returning Thanks!

In the (little under) five months since I started blogging, I have been showered with much blog love and kindness! I don’t know if I have earned it or if I deserve any of it, but I do know that it is a gift that I hold dear and feel the need to return.

First off, a huge ‘Thank You’ to all my fellow bloggers and email followers, for taking the time to read, ‘like’ and comment on my posts. I know how much effort that involves and value each and every comment and like. Sincere thanks also, to all my new followers who I have not been able to thank personally. I promise to check out  every one of your blogs as soon as I possibly can.

With due apologies for the inordinate delay in acknowledging some of these gifts, many many thanks to:

Sonel, Catbird in Korea, Spiritual World Traveler, Blueberry Journal and SwittersB for the Versatile Blogger awards.


Francine, Meg Travels and Khaula Mazhar for the Sunshine awards









Francine and Meg Travels for the Genuine Blogger award


All things BoysNamita Lad and Cobbies69 for the Beautiful Blogger awards!

DanLrene for the reader Appreciation award!

A nomad in the land of nizwa and Darkjade for the Kreative Blogger award,

And last but not least Cobbies69 for the Very Inspiring Award!

And last but not least Arab Writer Chick for the ‘Tell me all about yourself” award!

” I can no other answer make,
but thanks and thanks and ever thanks……”
~ William Shakespeare

Phew! You may now applaud 😀