Dressed Up Dessert!

After dinner (that I forgot to photograph as usual) at a fancy South Indian restaurant recently, I was tickled to have a humble Ragi Manni – a blacmange like sweet, indigenous to my hometown and made with finger millet flour, jaggery and water – served up in style! I doubt very many other Indians have heard of this sweet!

When I fished out my camera to capture this gourmet reincarnation of a childhood treat, the amused staff sent us another fusion dessert, on the house, that looked even more delectable!  A dessicated coconut and jaggery syrup, locally known as Poornam, encased in velvety chocolate that gushed out as soon as I dug in. They called it ‘Chocolate Poornam Mousse‘ 🙂

The meal ended with fragrant South Indian Kapi (coffee) served in the traditional way. The piping hot liquid was first cooled by pouring it rapidly and in a series of arcs between two tumblers, before being placed in front of us. Perfection!

I couldn’t possibly pass up an opportunity to talk about dessert, with a food theme could I 🙂 Don’t forget to check out the other foodie entries for Ailsa’s Travel theme – Food.