‘C’ Is For Centum!

“One’s too many,
 and a hundred’s not enough”
 ~Billy wilder

I have told you about the purple sofa in my living room (and if you followed the comments you will have learnt of the purple wall in my kitchen). I have shown you what hangs on my walls. You know I am a designer and you have seen one of my creations. I have spoken to you about my day dream and I have bared my soul and shared with you some memories from my childhood.

You know that I am Indian, speak Tulu, have (borderline!!) OCD, love desserts, have never been to the USA, and am a grandmother.

There has been some doubt expressed about the latter though, about the timeline not being right, about the math not adding up! Here is proof 😀

There is nothing much to add really, except that I am a Crab (or Leo when it suits me!), am the middle sister and love long, multigenerational historical novels and oh yes, Pakistani Sufi music!

But mainly I am just an ordinary person, leading an ordinary life, who came on here because I couldn’t find anyone to share the excitement of my travels with….not without boring the bedazzles out of them.

And stayed….because you, my friends made me believe that I can click a decent picture and tell a decent story 😀

And here I am. Six months, 36,243 views and a 100 posts later!

All I can say is, thanks! Thanks a ton. I hope you will stay with me and lend me support as I journey onward. Wouldn’t be able to continue without you.

And now to the main task at hand: acknowledgement of a veritable harvest of riches…..along with sincere apologies for my undue procrastination.

Much gratitude to:

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Thanks again. Your kindness and generosity is appreciated more than you will ever know.