The Things I Take For Granted!

I have mentioned before how I amΒ was not in the habit of carrying my camera with me except when I traveled…..of how I took the beauty around me for granted. There is a saying in Hindi that describes this attitude – “Ghar ki murghi dhal barabar” – that roughly translates to ‘Chicken cooked at home is akin to lentil curry’! πŸ˜€

So on this, our umpteenth visit to the beaches near Mahabalipuram last weekend, we braved the holiday (Independence day and Ramazan) crowds to visit the Unesco World Heritage site of Mamallpuram, after nearly 35 years!! We still couldn’t make it to the Shore Temple, since every inch of parking space was taken up, and we were too lazy to return Sunday morning. But I did manage some shots of the open air sculpture museum.

Here is a little peek:

A grayscale image of elephants trudging up to witness the ‘Descent of Ganga’, part of a huge 8th century bas relief sculpture, commonly known as the ‘Penance of Arjuna’. Shall post the rest when I return with images of the shore temple next week (hopefully :-))

Meanwhile take a look at who else kept us company apart from half the population of Chennai!

Several tribes of goats!

And this particularly adorable kid πŸ™‚

Until next time….happy travels, no matter where life takes you!

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