Travel Theme(s) – Curvas & Rojo!

Red is one of the colours of the Spanish flag and is said to be descriptive of the Spanish personality, conjuring up visions of passion, blood and love.

Below is a sampling of some of my scanned images from sunny Espana that are my interpretations for two of Ailsa’s travel themes: Curves & Red!

Before you proceed, be advised that some of you might find the bullfight scene at the end disturbing. I debated its inclusion, but this blog is about our experiences from our travels, and the bullfight was an unforgettable experience, even if it was gutwrenchingly sad. A reminder that bad things happen, around the world, to animals and to people.

Red for royalty – Statue of King Ferdinand III in The Alcatraz gardens, Cordoba

Red in architecture – Iconic striped arches of the Mezquita Cathedral, Cordoba. I so regret not having nicer pictures of this exquisite structure

Red in architecture – Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Sensous red – Flamenco dancer, Sevilla. A must do if you are ever in Sevilla.

Romantic red – Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla is the oldest bullring in Spain with an interesting museum onsite.

Red for excitement – the electric atmosphere in the Madrid bullring before the start of a fight

Red for blood sport – The not so brave Matador facing a tortured and weakened, but still magnificent bull! We walked out at this point.

You can see other interpretations of red here and curves here.

Until next time……happy travels no matter where life takes you.