Ankh – The Key Of Life

The Egyptian Ankh is considered the ‘Key of Life’.

The loop of the ankh is believed to represent the river Nile, and the cross, the path of the sun from east to west symbolizing renewed life and immortality.

Wall relief, Medinet Habu – Luxor, Egypt

Like the life giving floods of the Nile, the Ankh is supposed to represent regeneration, regrowth and renewal.

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50 thoughts on “Ankh – The Key Of Life

  1. I love hieroglyphs , I remember drawing them at school. How lucky to see them for real.

  2. What an impressive structure and to think it was not created with a bulldozer but men carry bricks on their backs…and the intricate drawings done meticulously; talk about Patience. Phew! 🙂

  3. Ah! yes, the Egyptian Ankh – what a stunning shot you have mastered here! “The Key to Life”, very apt – coming from nonetheless our dear Madhu, who is full of life and at times against all odds. Love you dost ! XX

  4. The Ankh as symbolic of regeneration, regrowth and renewal is like the cycle of life – death – rebirth. The picture too is brilliant.

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