‘Tis The Season……In Bangkok!

We gawked from the sky-walk on Ploenchit Road, at the dazzling displays of holiday lights stretching from beyond Ratchaprasong junction, all the way to Siam square. Complete with giant Christmas trees, reindeer, snowflakes et al!!

festive lights

Festive Lights

Festive lights

Festive lights

Aimed primarily at visitors (read ‘shopping tourists’), but enjoyed equally by local residents, the last two months of each year are witness to a string of street extravaganzas, sound and light shows and live performances. Apparently culminating in a giant New Year’s eve countdown party to match the best in the world.

Festive lights Festive lights Festive lights Festive lights 8

All this in a city that is predominantly Buddhist, a religion that preaches the shunning of desire.

And right beside this explosion of festive cheer, is the little Erawan shrine (read its interesting history here) dedicated to Brahma – the four headed God of the Hindu Trinity – where parallel celebrations seem to be taking place on an equal scale and whose footfall seems to match those of the zillion malls around.

Festive lights 10

Festive lights 11

Exciting, confounding, and yes a bit over the top.

But I finally get why the children have been returning to Bangkok during this season, for the past six years………..almost.

This post was inspired by Jake’s Sunday Post Christmas, & Ailsa’s Travel theme Festive. But I am thinking it would have worked just as well for the Surprise challenge 🙂

To all of you, happy holidays and a great Sunday!