A Plane’s Eye View

I have very few photographs shot from an aircraft, certainly none of any major city. Mainly because we usually depart from and arrive at international destinations at odd hours of the night, and miss that first panoramic sighting that is so thrilling. None of big city illuminations from the sky either, for I haven’t mastered the art of capturing lights, while hurtling through the stratosphere…..yet 🙂

Marianne’s CBBH challenge this week brought to mind, a few passable plane’s eye views that I did manage to click, from some domestic hops during our travels. Some, shot with a little point and shoot, way before this blog came into existence. Hence, apologies for the quality in advance.

First up, from our return flight from Luxor, is the city of Cairo. with its islands on the Nile – Gezira & Roda

View from AP Cairo 2

I was hoping to spot the Great Pyramid as we flew into Cairo over Giza, but the stepped pyramid of Saqqara was a decent consolation prize.

View from AP Cairo

From Africa to South America now, and this view of the Andes from our flight to Qosco (Cusco). View from AP Andes

Back to Asia, with this bank of clouds over Vientiane……

View from APLaos

evening light over Luang Prabang……

View from AP LP

….the sun reflecting off inundated fields as we approach Siem Reap….

Sunset from flight

….and this patchwork of paddy fields as we land.

View from AP SP

Finally, home to Chennai – the urban jungle that I live in 🙂

View from AP Chennai

As per the rules of this challenge I need  to share links to any two blogs that I have commented on, in the past month.  I would like to introduce two blogs from the Indian subcontinent that might be new to my regular readers:

Minakshi of Laughing Penguins is an extremely gifted poet and never fails to enchant me with her wonderful imagery. My favourites – of the few I have read so far – are ‘Mango Seed‘ & ‘Kindness

Ranadive from Moments in Pixels who like me, hails from the West coast, captures the cultural nuances of South India with his fabulous, evocative photography. Theyam is the first of his posts I came upon, while searching for images of this ritual dance/worship from Kerala and Mangalore. It transported me to our village shrine!! And here’s one for the door whores 🙂

Do hop over and take a look.