A Cocktail Of Clashing Colour!

The ornamentation has been, is and will be coloured.
Nature does not produce anything that is monochrome
or uniform in colour: neither vegetation nor in geology,
nor in topography nor in the animal kingdom . . .”
— Diary entry, Antoni Gaudi

Casa Batlló

Chimneys, Casa Batlló – Barcelona

A lot of people believe – wrongly – that the word ‘gaudy’ was derived from the outlandish creations of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Many others wonder if perhaps the association between the adjective and his family name influenced his work, and inspired him to test the boundaries of space and colour like never before!

Not such a far fetched theory that. And not surprising that Barcelona was the first place that came to mind, when I started hunting for ‘gaudy‘ images for Ailsa’s Travel Theme.

Park Guell

Trencadis covered Lizard – Park Guell, Barcelona

Painted ceramics, Barcelona

Window display of hand painted ceramic figures – Barcelona

Followed by the equally fanciful Escaderia Selarón, the creation of Chilean artist Jorge Selarón! A total of 250 steps covered in over 2000 tiles from around the world.

Selaron Steps

The Selaron Steps – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Next up, more clashing colours from the Chatuchak weekend market, Bangkok

Chatuchak Market

Psychedelic Flip flops, Chatuchak Market – Bangkok, Thailand

And you can’t get gaudier than the these Conventillos coated with leftover paint.

La Boca 12

Conventillos, La Boca – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Granted I wouldn’t use any of these clashing combinations in my stark living room, but I have to admit, I find every one of them rather appealing 🙂

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