Lunch In My Neighbourhood

A double act this week since I missed the deadline for the last challenge 🙂

I was unsure of my skills with the Iphone, but I downloaded Camera+ today and am pretty surprised at the results! A long way to go yet, but way better than the blurry images in my camera roll so far! Thank you Island Traveller 🙂

Not all these photographs are from an Iphone however, shall leave you to guess which ones they are…..

Our road
This is where we live…….a relatively quiet street in the heart of a chaotic city.
Seafood restaurant
Lunch was at this new seafood restaurant in the neighbourhood, with a couple of very dear friends.
Restaurant commitment
A commitment to ocean friendly practices on our tablemat.
Seafood display
My choice was the humble little Whiting (?) (just above the Pomfrets in the picture) We call it Kaane (Kelanga in Tamil) and I LOVE it masala fried to perfection.

And here are more images of my neighbourhood, shot from the terrace of our apartment building.

Thank you for visiting and have a great Sunday 🙂

Coming up, some lunchtime memories from our travels……..

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