Capturing Movement

My attempts to capture movement owe a lot to serendipity.

Out of a dozen or more photos clicked while hubby fed these frenzied carp on the Chao Phraya river, I was confident I would have at least one half way decent shot.

Feeding Carp on the Chao Phraya river, BangkokDepressions in the Bay of Bengal (during the North East monsoons) bring cyclonic storms over the East coast of India. The shot below was clicked during one such storm, as I watched with awe – and quite a bit of fear, I must confess – gale force winds shake these palm trees outside my window like they were rag dolls! The one in the background is certainly having a bad hair day.

Wind bashed palm trees - Chennai, IndiaShot in Hiroshima station, I aimed for a frontal view of the worlds third fastest train – the platypus nosed Japanese Bullet train – but I underestimated its speed and wound up with this. The idea of anything faster boggles the mind!

Bullet train, HiroshimaHave a great week ahead y’all.

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Hi, I'm Madhu. Wanderer. Travel blogger. Story teller. Bitten late and hard by the travel bug, I am on a mission to make up for lost time.

80 thoughts on “Capturing Movement

  1. I really love your amazing photography and post as always Madhu ,
    Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  2. Great shots as always 🙂 I have one of the carp in the sacred pools at Sanliurfa – so determined was I to capture an open mouth nibbling a morsel I clicked away until my fingers hurt!!

  3. I did the same thing with the sacred fish in the pool of Abraham (Sanliurfa) – just kept snapping away hopping to get a half decent shot of them feeding! I did capture one with a perfect pout in the end 🙂

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