Paris – Pont des Arts

The Pont des Arts. Weighed down by the burden of undying love.

Until next time…happy travels, no matter where life takes you.

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Hi, I'm Madhu. Wanderer. Travel blogger. Story teller. Bitten late and hard by the travel bug, I am on a mission to make up for lost time.

96 thoughts on “Paris – Pont des Arts

  1. wow! If I am to choose between the two shots, I’ll go for the first one as I think it has a little more impact. But having said that, both shots are beautiful and have totally different subjects so it’s kind of hard to compare:)

  2. Lovely Interpretation of theme, Madhu. have you been to Cologne? The Hohenzollernbridge is rapidly becoming the bridge with the most padlocks in the whole world, it might the number one already. ( I have a post “Forever ♥ love”)
    In Cologne the authorities provides protection for the padlocks, they are a tourist attraction, most welcome! 🙂 No fines like in Venice…

    Greetings from The Rhine Valley

  3. As I was viewing another’s post on this challenge, I found my mind wandering to what you might have chosen for this subject…perfect! 🙂

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