Paris – Oddly Juxtaposed

The integrity and identity of historic urban spaces the world over, is under threat from unbridled growth and global integration.  Especially in third world countries, where cultural heritage takes a back seat to new found aspirations of development & progress, despite the efforts of conservation groups.

Street art in Place Igor Stravinsky - Paris
Street art in Place Igor Stravinsky, Paris

But when managed sensitively, it is the very contradictions and incongruities of changing urban landscapes that define the character of great cities and form the essence of their appeal.
This mural by Jeff ‘Aerosol’ (real name: Jean-Francois Perroy) titled “Chuuuttt!” (Ssshhh!)  is a self portrait that is not as it seems at first sight, an admonition to be silent, but his way of urging  people to stop and look around, to admire the beauty of a historic city, “to listen to the soundtrack of the urban world” that according to him is so much more than the sound of cars and police sirens!  The work that was inaugurated in 2011 took 4 days to complete, used 200 spray cans, 6 artists and covers 350m² of wall space. The red arrow on the cheek is apparently a recurring signature.

Does this juxtaposition work? You tell me.

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Madhu is an Interior designer turned travel blogger on a long sabbatical to explore the world. When not crafting stories on The Urge To Wander, she's probably Tweeting @theurgetowander or sharing special moments on

132 thoughts on “Paris – Oddly Juxtaposed

  1. Yeah, but to most people who wouldn’t know about its background story, it still serves as a warning to be quiet. A mural that visible, I bet it works. 😀

  2. Oh, it works!!! And a great shot too, Madhu. I’ll make sure not to miss it the next time, if it is still there…

    1. It will be there alright. When are you going next? I am hoping to return for my sister’s fiftieth next year 🙂

      1. You are going back with your sister? 🙂 That’s cool Madhu. I have no idea when I will visit it again. I would like to do it once more in this life time. I don’t dare make any travelling plans for next year, as I don’t know if I’ll have any work and resources by then….

        1. That is the plan, but my sister has way too many commitments – daughter just into college, son still in school, and a year old job (in the US) – so I don’t know whether it will happen. But we dream and talk about it 🙂

  3. Breathtaking shots! Superb photographs of sights & signs in France……! Have you become a BLOG junkie.?? Hope not! :))

      1. A girlhood cut short, due to your early move in life, to counting tea leaves…? 😄 and now the freedom to follow your inner dreams & desires!!!? Way to go Madhu….. ! This is called FAFOF…!!!😝😝

  4. I actually think this works well together. Definitely eye catching, but more importantly to understand the artist’s intentions. I appreciate the explanation. Great example for the theme.

  5. As always Madhu you provide such insight into each piece you post. This is an excellent selection for this challenge.

  6. I love the commentary you’ve generated, Madhu! 🙂 I’m a little negative on Graffiti too sometimes. You’re right- this one takes a little thought. Busy times, for you?

    1. Very Jo. Have just been stopping by to post short photo challenges so people don’t forget me 🙂 Hoping to be back on board in a few days.

      1. You’re not forgettable, Madhu. 🙂 I was just hoping everything was ok. Catch up when you can. There’s more to life than blogging (shock! horror!)

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