Back From Africa

Jambo! I’m back.
Here is a quick photo summary of our amazing two weeks in Rwanda and Tanzania.
DSC_5304 copyYes that is Rwanda. Yes, Rwanda is safe.
No, they don’t walk around hacking each other to pieces with machetes.
And the epicenter of the Ebola epidemic is closer to Spain than most of East and South Africa.DSC_5410 copy 2
An enthusiastic welcome to the Volcanoes National Park
DSC_5449 copy
Where the mighty Mr. Guhonda gave me the eye!!!
DSC_5742 copy
Jumbo said….”Karibu Sana to Tarangire!”
DSC_5665 copy
But his royal highness didn’t seem as pleased to have yet another voyeur disturb his peace.
DSC_6171 copy
In the vast endless plains of the Serengeti, Cheetah played hard to get……
DSC_6502 copy
and our picnic spots were mostly taken…..
DSC_6404 copy
…………….but the daily drama of survival in the Savannah captured our hearts.
DSC_7600 copy
And a brief stopover in exotic Zanzibar made for a lovely finale.
Back soon with details. Until then…….Safari Njema*, no matter where life takes you.
* Swahili for Safe Journey or Godspeed. Did you know the true meaning of ‘safari’ is journey and not its game-drive connotation?

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Hi, I'm Madhu. Wanderer. Travel blogger. Story teller. Bitten late and hard by the travel bug, I am on a mission to make up for lost time.

141 thoughts on “Back From Africa

  1. What an adventurous two weeks it has been for you 😀 The photographs are full of energy – being there in person must have been quite a thrill!

  2. These are National Geographic quality 🙂 I did know about the safari meaning (me gloating) 😀 I realised these photos are from the trip you took in September? It is not easy to keep track of your movement, especially when I move too.

  3. Madhu … Awesome pic in Zanzibar. Love the animal photos, too. What is Jumbo saying: (….”Karibu Sana to Tarangire!”) My granddaughter likes how the sunlight makes the setting Jumbo is in look golden.

  4. Outstanding “journey” pics! All should belong to National Geographic magazine. Can’t wait to see the detailed posts.

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