A Man And His Dog

I don’t think I have ever seen as many people with infants in strollers as I did during our recent visit to Spain. Or as many with dogs of every breed, size and colour on leashes. After all the disturbing stories about how deeply most everyone we interacted with during our trip was affected by the recession – unemployment statistics are still shockingly high in Spain – the baby/dog boom seemed to us to indicate hope.  And hope is a good feeling even when strollers photobomb every other image and dog poop gets underfoot regardless of one’s dodging abilities.

One of my favourite images of this trip is of a man with his best friend. Sharing that special bond that completely distracted me from the things I had come to photograph. And for one fleeting moment had me wishing I traveled less so I could have a furry friend of my own.

DSC_2089 copy

DSC_2091 copy 2

Until next time…….happy travels, no mater where life takes you.