57 thoughts on “Clash Or Confluence?

  1. This reminds me of when I saw this in Bali. My daughter begged me to eat there and I was devastated. How could she want KFC over nasa goreng? I buckled, after all, I’d dragged her all the way through Java – not an easy journey – but I ate somewhere else.

    1. Haha, I would have done the same Mallee! That used to be my daughter’s main gripe about travelling with her boys, but their palates have gotten more refined over the years, thankfully 🙂

    1. True Gilly. To be fair, this was in a busy part of town, but it is still shocking to spot that smiling face in Yangon, let alone alongside a temple. The Tamil temple is also a foreign import incidentally 🙂

  2. I am actually ok with it.. sorry .. people got to eat..

    Here where I live we have a a meat shop on one side and pub on the other of a gurudwara sahib. .

    But then god did teach us to be tolerant. .

    1. Bikram, by that logic, you should be fine with KFC/McDonald’s signs dominating the Angkor skyline, or in the centre of Hampi, because really, there aren’t many dining options there! The comments refer to MNC globalization that leads to the dilution of local character. I know it is inevitable in fast growing Asian cities, but it is sad nevertheless.

        1. With these MNCs in the middle of Hampi??? With a uniform homogenous world? I am so not fine with that Bikram.

        2. Yes mam. .

          But as I said earlier modernisation has its negative points to and this is one such point.

          Look at what is going on jn the rural punjab.. I am from punjab so can talk about that. . All that was good is being lost to new..

          I mean right in the middle of our own field is a big mobile tower.. and then if we talk of religious buildings in the name of making them pretty we are changing them into marble buildings..

          Anyway I am sorry if anything I said hurt your feelings …

        3. Oh no, no hurt feelings 🙂 And I am quite sure the sadness expressed had nothing to do with the religious structure at all.
          Have a great week ahead Bikram!

        4. Oh no i know this has nothinh to do with religion I was just trying to put in context the issue with modernisation..

          I don’t beleive in religion as such 😀😀

          I can understand the sadness.. but I don’t know what to do..

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