A Passion For Egypt

Goddess Anukhet - Musee du Louvre

A few treasures from the Egyptian Antiquities section of the Louvre Museum & reflections on plundered art and antiquities around the world.

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Egypt – Star Gazing In Dendera

Day trip to Abydos and Dendera from Luxor- Photos of the incredible zodiac ceiling in the Temple of Hathor and tips on how to get there.

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Egypt – Sunsets On The Nile

Past emerald plains and furrowed mountains old,Whose violet gorges snare the wandering eye,The pillared palms day’s dying embers hold,Like shafts of bronze against the crimson sky, And every cloud mirrors its rosy foldIn tremulous waves which blush and wander by We float, and feel the magic penetrate,Till all our soul is colored by the hues, […]

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Egypt – Into Cairo’s Historic Heart

Ibn Tulun Mosque, Cairo

A wander through historic Cairo, Egypt, with top tips on the best way to experience the UNESCO Heritage City. From Saladin’s Citadel to Cairo’s many stunning mosques, through Al Muizz Street, Tannoura performances and ancient souks.

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