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I am Madhu, a small town girl living in big, bustling Chennai, (India). Bitten late and hard by the travel bug, I am on a (long) sabbatical from my freelance interior design practice and on a mission to make up for lost time.

I’m no digital nomad. With much effort, and some luck, we’ve both – my husband Ravi & I – managed to balance our passion for travel and our work and family commitments.

I have always nursed latent wanderlust, fuelled by a voracious reading habit and a particularly inspiring geography teacher who first made me aware of the world and it’s treasures. But I discovered the joy of actual travel very late in life. 

She who travels has
stories to tell 🌍

Marriage, the birth of our daughter and nearly a decade of shuttling between remote tea plantations up in the Nilgiri Hills in south India put our travel dreams on hold. A chance move to the big city opened up opportunities for freelance work and prompted Ravi to quit his steady job and turn entrepreneur. We were empty-nesters by then with enough savings put aside to finally air out our long shelved dreams.

Ravi and I travel together mostly. I add solo extensions to each trip and incorporate solo journeys in between when he is unable to join me. He loves travel almost as much as I do but I suspect he loves his work a wee bit more.

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The Urge To Wander was born in 2012 out of my desire to share my perspectives of the places I have explored and of the people of those places. What started out as a personal journal slowly burgeoned into one of the leading travel blogs in India thanks to a highly engaged community. It has led to some interesting collaborations with tourism boards and exclusive travel brands.

You’ll find history and culture score over adventure here. It was never my intention to offer travel advice when I started out, but constant requests for help with itinerary planning over the years has prompted a re-look at my content profile.

Starting August 2019, the newly revamped blog will feature a host of dedicated pre-planning resource and destination guide pages to motivate you to travel more and travel well. 

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  1. Absolutely love the stories that you tell Madhu … although I have traveled a fair bit through India, your writings and photography awakens the desire in me to see so much more.
    I have been writing a blog for sometime and would love if you could check it out and provide some feedback. Thanks!

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