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November 07

Rubbing Shoulders With Silverbacks!

We are warned not to get too close to the mountain gorillas. Or touch them. But the great apes are not bound by any such restrictions.  Guhonda, the largest silverback on the planet, lies on his belly, staring at us intently. Then he heaves up all 400 imposing pounds, and strides purposefully to a clump of bamboo shoots […]

October 23

The Extraordinary Renewal Of Rwanda

The shaft of light from a somber stained glass window at the heart of the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre is said to symbolise hope.  Designed by Ardyn Halter, the son of Auschwitz survivor Roman Halter, it depicts the descent to genocide and is set atop a series of steps indicating the points where warnings could have been heeded, where turning back was still an option. But […]

Back From Africa

Jambo! I’m back. Here is a quick photo summary of our amazing two weeks in Rwanda and Tanzania.   Yes that is Rwanda. Yes, Rwanda is safe. No, they don’t walk around hacking each other to pieces with machetes. And the epicenter of the Ebola epidemic is closer to Spain than most of East and South Africa.   An enthusiastic […]