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August 30

Seeing Similarities

These gate posts in Calcutta brought to mind a thinker halfway across the world! Below are two more sets of seemingly disparate images that appear to correlate when juxtaposed.  Can you see the stories I see? Related articles: Weekly Photo Challenge – DialogueThe Citadel Of Art The Incredible Destiny Of Mirza Ghiyas beg!Previous posts on Calcutta

March 01

Forsaken & Forgotten…….

—- A forsaken Durga near Kumartuli……. —- And more subsumed stones from the magical lost temple of Beng Mealea.  —- Click on the images (&/or links) to read the full stories. Related articles: Weekly Photo challenge: Abandoned

January 16

Weekly Photo Challenge – Window

Windows are certainly fascinating. Looking out into fabulous vistas or looking into hauntingly framed fragments of life. Ancient or Modern. Faux or real. Open or closed. Their mysterious, weathered shutters hiding a myriad untold stories. Some, bleached blue, triggering evocative memories of good times in faraway lands. Here is a sampling from my recent travel […]

October 28

Travel My Way

I was on the road when I was nominated for the ‘Travel Your Way‘ contest by Kathryn from Travel with Kat, and didn’t expect to make the September end deadline. Viveka’s kind nomination last week made me realise that the last date had been extended to October 31. So here I am, with just a couple of […]

October 04

My World In Five Colours – 2013

I had fun last year showing you my world In five colours, in response to Jennifer and James’s nominations for the Capture the Colour photo competition. I have been nominated yet again, by Suzanne Courtney of The Travel Bunny and Hanel of Hanels’ Travels and Photography for the 2013 edition. The rules entail that I publish a post […]

September 17

The Citadel Of Art

There are no massive city gates to welcome you here, or stone covered causeways over gigantic moats to traverse. But what Banteay Srei – Khmer for Citadel of the Women* – lacks in monumental scale and significance, it makes up for with its exquisite sculptural adornment. Each intricate, carved inch of its centuries old, pink sandstone […]

July 13

Golden Hour At Pre Rup

Bakheng is the most popular spot for sunset viewing in Angkor. And natuarally the most crowded. So we chose Pre Rup instead. The relatively quieter state temple of the 9th century Khmer king Rajendravarman II. There couldn’t have been a more fitting finale to our four day visit than to watch the sun slip quietly behind the […]