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September 18

Laitan Ancient Town

Originally posted on The Urge To Wander:
When we travel we try to seek out unique experiences outside the loop of standard tourist itineraries. A tough ask with our limited schedules, but we have been fortunate enough to have managed a few detours to some places less trodden. On our trip to the Middle Kingdom, one…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

One of our favourite pastimes in China was people watching, and there is no better place to do it than the myriad tea houses, like this one in Chongqing. A cup of tea, with unlimited refills of hot water, and pavement tables full of local people, for just 4 yuan! Jimmy, our guide informed us that these […]

September 14

Travel Theme – Texture

Here are some more textures from the Furong cave in the Chongqing region! The Furong Cave is a large limestone cave, with the most surreal stalactite formations that I have ever seen! I just wish I could have turned off those psychedelic lights to view them in all their natural glory. Do check out Ailsa’s […]

Sunday Post – Reflections

A milestone birthday – my father in law’s 90th – a weekend with family, and time spent on researching our next travel destination, have all affected my posting schedules and my blog reading. Please bear with me while I catch up with your posts and comments. And while I reflect on the juggling skills required […]

Travel Theme – Silhouette

This enlarged and slightly darkened image of the giant Tian Tian Buddha shot from the main street in Ngong Ping, is the only one that comes close to being termed a silhouette in my archives! The name is derived from the three tier marble altar that is modeled on the altar at Tian Tian (Temple of Heaven) in Beijing. Installed […]

Dazu, China July 27

Seeking the Dhamma in Dazu

Nirvana refers to the ultimate unfettering of the mind from earthly bonds. A quietude of mind and body, a total connection and merging with one’s inner self, a release from all desire and suffering. Enlightenment. The spiritual journey of Siddhartha from crown prince to the “Enlightened One” is one of the most profound stories of transformation […]

July 25

Dragon Of Fortune!

The gilded zodiac ceiling opens slowly to special sound and light effects, the floor splits open, and a golden dragon emerges in a cloud of pink fog with smoke billowing out of its nostrils….a phantasmagorical spectacle that is supposed to symbolise “vitality, good fortune and well-being”!!! The Dragon of Fortune show in the Wynne Macau, is an over […]