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Travel Theme – Sunset

Watching the sun slip quietly behind the trees in this beach resort we have escaped to for R’s birthday (and our anniversary), it seems like an anticlimax to not have the sea reflect the explosion of copper and gold that is so typical of a spectacular west coast sunset. I realise now, how much I […]

July 15

Sunday Post – Solid

The Hypostyle hall in the Karnak temple in Luxor, covers an area of more than 55,000 sq ft. and is filled with 134 gigantic sandstone columns arranged in 16 rows, with an average diameter of nearly 10 feet! 12 in the central aisle with open papyrus capitals, once supported a raised 82 feet ceiling and are now […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings” ~ Henry David Thoreau Thank you for visiting and have a great weekend! Do check out other great entries here  


My intention had been to capture the reflection of this Egret in the clear waters of the Nile during our felucca ride in Aswan. But the reflection of the flora of the river bank was an unexpected bonus! This is in response to Ailsa’s invite to her ‘unofficial’ weekly photo challenge. You can browse the […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Is anyone crazy enough to point their cameras at the sun at midday? I am apparently! Despite R constantly muttering that I will not be able to capture much with the sun directly behind my subject, I click anyway! Because I am no photographer…..I am just a traveler wanting to record that particular subject for […]

Temple of Hathor - Dendera, Egypt April 11

Star Gazing In Dendera

The art and architecture of the ancient Egyptians is amazing enough. That they could also map the sky, nearly as well as it is done in the 21st century, is simply astounding! A bas relief – the Zodiac of Dendera – that was found in the Temple of Hathor proves this beyond a doubt. This 8 feet […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey II

“Make a way for me, my soul, my spirit and my shadow, for I am equipped, I am a transfigured spirit.” ~ Spell 91, Book of the Dead The ancient Egyptians prepared all their lives for the most important journey of their lives – the journey to the afterlife! Death, to them, was not the cessation […]