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January 25

Oddly Juxtaposed

The integrity and identity of historic urban spaces the world over, is under threat from unbridled growth and global integration.  Especially in third world countries, where cultural heritage takes a back seat to new found aspirations of development & progress, despite the efforts of conservation groups. But when managed sensitively, it is the very contradictions […]

January 16

Weekly Photo Challenge – Window

Windows are certainly fascinating. Looking out into fabulous vistas or looking into hauntingly framed fragments of life. Ancient or Modern. Faux or real. Open or closed. Their mysterious, weathered shutters hiding a myriad untold stories. Some, bleached blue, triggering evocative memories of good times in faraway lands. Here is a sampling from my recent travel […]

December 14

Weekly Photo Challenge – Community

A 60 metre stretch of road bordering the Shoah Memorial, in the Marais, once known as the Rue Grenier sur l’Eau, renamed ‘Allée des Justes‘ in June 2006, in tribute to those that did not forget the meaning of community. A pity our supreme court did. Check out more interpretations of community here PS: I […]

December 12

Power Nap!

No history lesson today. Just my envy of those that can grab a quick shut eye, any time, anywhere! I can never sleep during the day. Except when I am in a moving vehicle. Then I slide into deep slumber. Carcolepsy, I believe that is called! Doesn’t kick in when I am behind the wheel […]

December 06

A Passion For Egypt

Plundered art and antiques, should rightfully be returned to their countries of origin and displayed in situ. So I believed, very passionately, until I learned of the burning of the Institute d’Egypte, near Tahrir square in Cairo in December 2011. And of the destruction of almost all the precious manuscripts it contained. Among them, it […]

Metro Station Cité - Paris November 30

Weekly Photo Challenge – Que La Lumière Soit!

No prizes for guessing where I am taking you today 🙂 Wishing you much love, laughter and light this holiday season! Related articles: The Daily Post Weekly Challenge- Let There be Light! The Light Of Faith – Ganga Aarti in Varanasi Weekly Photo Challenge – Masterpiece The Takayama Hachiman Matsuri More from Paris  

rompe l'oeil windows- Paris November 23

Paris – Surprise Finds!

There is no saying what unexpected surprises await you on Paris street corners. Take a look at what I found at the intersection of Rue Aubry le Boucher and Rue Quincampoix, near the Centre Georges Pompidou! Thank you for visiting, and have a great weekend. Related articles: Dailypost Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected More posts from […]