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April 19

On Ageing And Obsolescence

Old is when you suddenly find yourself on the wrong side of the generation gap. When you take time to figure out ‘LOL’ does not actually mean ‘Lots of Love’. When your boss is (was) a decade younger than you. When your four year old child/grandchild can make your smartphone do astonishing things, that you would […]

August 26

Columns Of The Sky

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,  or what’s a heaven for?” ~ Robert Browning Perched precariously atop the pinnacles of steep sandstone cliffs, resembling lofty aeries of some giant predatory birds, the monasteries of Meteora beggar belief! Built in the 14th century to escape persecution by the invading Ottomans, with no access save baskets […]

August 04

The Road Of The Knights

Tracing medieval footsteps down the the ‘Odos Ippoton’ on our way to dinner, it was easy to imagine whispers in the dark. The swishing of silk trains, the clang of armour, the neighing of horses, the clink of sword and spear. Less eerie in the glare of daylight, but just as atmospheric, the ‘Road of […]

A Santorini Sunset

“A dream is a wish your heart makes” ~ Walt Disney – Sleeping Beauty  Until next time…happy travels, no matter where life takes you!   Related articles: On The Edge Of The Caldera 

July 03

Stepping On Masterpieces

Few tourists that brave the crush of people on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, are aware of the existence of a masterpiece – an original Joan Miró mosaic – right under their feet in the middle of the pedestrian street near the Plaça de la Boqueria! Get there early (9am is early enough by Spanish standards) and you will have […]

April 06

On The Edge Of The Caldera

We couldn’t see the Caldera from the main road. The manager of our hotel was waiting for us with her dishy looking assistant, who hoisted our (very) heavy bags casually over his shoulders and sprinted across the narrow path to their gate. We followed him past the gate to the top of the stairs, and gasped! There […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

This stunning arrangement of coloured bottles all the way up to the ceiling, is what first lured us into this charming little wine bar in the Plaka in Athens! “BRETTOS” is the oldest distillery in Athens, started in 1909 by Michael Brettos, who produced his own ouzo, brandy and liqueurs, using old family recipes. It has changed hands since (just […]