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December 05

Grief, Pride & Hope In My Submerged City

Its been eerily silent this past week. I normally revel in the quiet of my neighbourhood, but this is the silence of devastation. Of a city knocked to its knees.  I miss the sounds I whined about. Of engines backfiring in the distance. Of the howling of strays or the keening of koels that shake me from my sleep at […]

January 27

Joy Is……(No.6)

  The glint of gold on my mango tree!!! Related articles: Kan Walk Will Travel – Joy is…. More from my mango tree!  

August 28

The Presence Of Absence

The Armenian church is in Georgetown, the chaotic trading quarter of Chennai that I don’t ordinarily frequent. The last time I ventured into the area was in search of a particular shade and texture of hand made paper for invites to my stone furniture sale! That, I am ashamed to admit, was over a decade ago. An exhibition to commemorate the Armenian […]

August 22

Happy Birthday Madras!

The skew, in a ledger of Chennai’s pluses and minuses, would be decidedly negative. Its famously hot and humid weather leading from the front. Followed by pitiful infrastructure: a subway still under construction and lagging decades behind Kolkata and Delhi, the worst airport of the metro cities, no decent flyovers to speak of, and traffic jams fast overtaking notorious Bangalore statistics. […]

July 26

Sharing Summer’s Bounty

Summer, where I live, isn’t the glorious season that most of you look forward to with anticipation. We dread it with a vengeance. Only one thing makes coping with the blistering heat worthwhile…….sweet, luscious, divine mangoes.   — And the return of my parakeets to my mango tree. I was concerned they weren’t coming back this […]

Orange-breasted Nuthatch - Chennai, India November 15

Look Who Strayed Into My Mango Tree!

I am not sure if this gorgeous Indian Pitta* I spied on ‘my’ mango tree, was just taking a break on his way someplace else, or if he will continue to grace us with his presence through the cooler season. I hope it will be the latter, and I will soon have a whole brood of […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit

“Habit if not resisted, soon becomes necessity” ~ Augustine of Hippo These super duper filter coffee sachets even travel with me. What hope do I have? Related articles: Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit