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Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham December 07

The Gilded Bas Relief Of Wat Mai

Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham on Sisavangvong street, was once the principle royal monastery, the residence of the chief Laotian Buddhist dignitary (Phra Sangkharat), and the repository of the 33″ high, gold alloy Buddha icon (Phra Bang), that Laung Prabang derives its name from. It also once held the famed Emerald Buddha, that was moved to Vientiane, before being carted […]

October 04

My World In Five Colours – 2013

I had fun last year showing you my world In five colours, in response to Jennifer and James’s nominations for the Capture the Colour photo competition. I have been nominated yet again, by Suzanne Courtney of The Travel Bunny and Hanel of Hanels’ Travels and Photography for the 2013 edition. The rules entail that I publish a post […]

Virility On Tap!

How is this for inside? Glass jars of snake, scorpion and other animal organ wine, in a weaving village near Luang Prabang! These should have been in my superstition gallery. And certainly not under the harmless old wives tale category, considering the number of creatures that have had to give up their lives for someone’s […]

The World Through My Eyes?

Considering my blog is about the world through my eyes, this week’s challenge should have been a cakewalk. But it wasn’t strangely. I found it hard zeroing in on a single image that as per Cheri’s specs. ” ……shows a command of your frame. Lead our eyes somewhere. Make us focus on something“. So I stopped […]

June 17

The Serpent Guardians Of Indo China

Veneration of animals as symbols of powerful cosmic forces, far predated the advent of organised religion. The worship of serpents seems the most prominent and widespread among these animist beliefs, with evidence to suggest its practice across ancient civilizations ranging from the Hopi Indian tribes and Mayans in the Americas, to those in Egypt, India, […]

May 11

The Patterns Of Wat Sene

The Wat Sene Souk Haram (from the Sanskrit Sukharam) also known as the temple of 100,000 treasures, is one of many beautiful temples in Luang Prabang. Its facade and doors are heavily gilded and every inch of space on its walls, columns and even under its roof is covered with stenciled patterns. The secondary structures […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Culture

Every custom, folklore, tradition and value system across Eastern cultures, is heavily influenced by religion. Secularisation of society and mass tourism, pose real threats to these shared beliefs and traditional ways of life.  Traditional dress is already on its way out, and language, customs and value systems are constantly under assault from global media. Imagine a homogenous […]