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November 03

Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

Inca stonework is based around the geometry and functionality of the trapezoid. What makes their stonework special, is their ability to cut large multi-angled stone blocks and fit them together with absolute precision, achieving near airtight joints without the use of any kind of mortar! How they managed such precision is the mystery! Hardly trial and error […]

November 02

The Sacred Capital Of The Inka

Whether it is a resurgence of indigenous identity or as in recent times, just political posturing by populist governments, a number of places from Peking to Pondicherry and Bombay to Burma, have undergone name changes in the past decade. Could I locate a renamed city among the photos in my archives for the story challenge: letter Q? It […]

September 27

The ‘Old Peak’ Of The Inca

“Remember to bury these under the Sun Gate.” Frank, our guide, handed over a bunch of coca leaves…. “For luck.” I carefully tucked the leaves into my pocket before boarding our train to Aguas Calientes. Frank was going to await our return to the Sacred Valley, the next evening. We lucked out with front row […]

August 13

Cusco – The City Of The Puma

According to local lore Cusco city is said to be laid out in the shape of a puma crouched over the Saphi river. And its streets denote its body parts. For example: Pumakurko street stands for the “Puma’s Spinal Column”, and the head is supposed to be located in Sacsayhuaman or “speckled head”! Furthering that myth, (rather shiny) brass plaques […]

August 07

The Mystical Inca Ruins Of Moray

Six concentric terraces surround a central circular ‘arena’ connected by a series of stone ‘steps’ fixed to the retaining walls in a radial pattern, mimicking the rays of the sun.  Six more surround them in an elliptical shape and another eight stepped terraces at the perimeter, span a portion of the narrow end of the […]

June 27

The Andean Village Of Cinchero

Few conquests have been as devastatingly final as the annihilation of the legendary kingdom of the Incas. In under 40 years after their first encounter with Francisco Pizzaro in 1532, the Incas were history. Their gold looted, their religion wiped out and their architecture demolished. With the exception of Machu Picchu and a few other uninhabited […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

The lovely Parque del Amor overlooking the Pacific ocean in Miraflores, Lima is surrounded by undulating walls, on which are romantic quotes by well known Peruvian poets, scripted in mosaic tiles. In the centre of the park is this sculpture called ‘El Beso’ – meaning eternal kiss – depicting the sculptor Victor Delfin and his wife locked in a passionate […]