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Sunday Post – People

For Jakes Sunday Post I chose images of people – lots of people – leading upto two famous facades. The Ruínas de São Paulo in Macau….. and the Celsus Library in Ephesus, Turkey. The facades are all that remain of these two stunning structures. The former dating back to 1637 and the latter built nearly […]

September 09

Pergamom – The Seat Of Satan?

This excerpt from the Book of Revelations, clearly cites what early Christians thought of the fabulous Altar of Zeus, on which Antipas was sentenced to death, when he refused to declare that the Roman emperor was “lord and God.” “To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: ‘I know your works, and where you dwell… where Satan’s […]

September 05

Bridging Cultures in Istanbul

After a long day of sightseeing, we rest our aching feet at a little cafe in the shadow of the Yeni Camii, the not so new ‘new mosque‘. This 16th century edifice underscores the fact that ‘new’ is relative here! We watch resident Stamboulis go about their daily lives as we sip Çay from little glass tumblers set over […]

August 30

A Sacred Necropolis

It was suffocatingly still…….and silent. We started walking up a wide road, lined with what looked like crumbling little cottages. The asphalt seemed out of place, the heat bouncing off it in waves and enveloping us in a disquieting haze. Peering into a doorway, spooked by my own shadow, it was evident these structures were never meant […]

July 14

The Culinary Delights Of Istanbul

Part of the joy of being in Istanbul apart from the beauty of its geography and its monuments is its food. And on our second trip – the first being an escorted tour that barely left us any time in the city – we were determined to explore its amazing culinary delights. Our first few […]

July 09

The Silence Of War

A disastrous campaign to secure the Dardenelles, a brave defense, a bloody conflict, and months of fruitless stalemate. The battle of Gallipoli at Anzac Cove, was one of the worst debacles of world war I, from start to finish, with a total of 130,784 dead and 261,554 wounded from both sides. The poignant Lone Pine cemetery and memorial, […]

July 03

Stepping On Masterpieces

Few tourists that brave the crush of people on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, are aware of the existence of a masterpiece – an original Joan Miró mosaic – right under their feet in the middle of the pedestrian street near the Plaça de la Boqueria! Get there early (9am is early enough by Spanish standards) and you will have […]