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(Last Updated: 23/03/2015)



The Elitist Cemetery Of Recoleta – An elaborate resting place for the elite of Buenos Aires.

The Bohemian Barrio Of San Telmo – Another atmospheric neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.

The Barrio Of Kitsch – The colourful neighbourhood of La Boca, Buenos Aires (Freshly Pressed!)

Edificio Kavanagh – Corina Kavanagh’s monument to revenge

Floralis Generalica – A flower with a difference!

Celebrating The Wonder That Is Iguassu – An ode to the falls to mark their official naming as the “New 7 Wonders of the World

Riding On A Vintage Subway – The antique Line A of the Buenos Aires Subte.

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Cidade Maravilhosa From Above – A look at the breathtaking landscape of Rio de Janeiro from its many vantage points.

Celebrating The Wonder That Is Iguassu – An ode to the falls to mark their official naming as the “New 7 Wonders of the World

Sunday Morning On Ipanema – A perfect Sunday stroll on the beach and through the feria.

The Outstretched Hands Of The Redeemer – Our dusk visit to the Cristo Redentor on Corcovado, Rio.

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The Citadel Of Art – A look at the exquisite temple of Banteai Srei.

The Golden Hour – Awaiting sunset at the temple of Pre Rup.

The Serpent Guardians Of Indo China – A gallery of the ubiquitous Nagas around Laos and Cambodia.

Khmer On The Water – A visit to the floating village of Kompong Pluk.

Why? – Reflecting on mans apathy towards evil at the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek.

Breathtaking Desolation! – A walk through the meditative silence of Beng Mealea.

The Frozen Smile Of The Bayon – Pondering the mystery of the enigmatic visages of the Bayon.

The Captivating Children Of Cambodia – A look at the unforgettable faces around the Angkor archaeological park.

Ta Phrom – A Pas de Deux! – A poet friend’s lyrical accompaniment to the eerie tableaux of this temple ruin.

A Walk Through A Khmer Psah – An authentic village market outside Siem Reap.

The Temple Mountain Of Angkor Wat – About the architecture of this Khmer architectural marvel.

Mekong Sunsets – The drama of day’s end over Luang Prabang and Siem Reap.

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The Magnificent Karst bridges Of Wulong – Exploring the Three Natural Bridges in Wulong County

Travel Theme Texture – Inside the Furong Cave

Seeking The Dhamma In Dazu – In the Buddhist grottoes of Dazu

Dragon Of Fortune – An extravagant show of the same name at the Wynne Macau.

The Birds Nest – Some stats about the amazing Olympic stadium in Beijing

The Garden Of Peace And Happiness – A wander through the Yuyuan garden

The Worship Of Heaven & Earth! – A walk through the Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Walking THE Wall – Walking the Great Wall Of China

The Imperial Abode Of The Son Of Heaven! – Thoughts on the Forbidden City

Where China Began! – A little bit about Xian

The Underground Army Of Han Yangling – The amazing underground museum of the Han Yangling in Xian

The Eternal Guardians Of Qin – About the Terracotta Warriors of Xian

Paradise On Earth? – Seeking Paradise in Hangzhou

The Genius Of I.M. Pei – A tour of the Suzhou Museum

The City Of The Earth – A Garden and a boat ride in Suzhou

The Bridges Of Tongli – A walk through this water town

More From The Chongqing Region – Amazing world heritage sites around Chongqing

Laitan Ancient Town – Considered one of the 10 most beautiful “Ancient Walled Towns” in China.

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Sunday Post Solid – The Hypostyle Hall of the Karnak Temple

Star Gazing In Dendera – Inside the incredible temple of Hathor in Dendera

Weekly Photo Challenge Journey ll – The Solar Barge, Temple of Edfu

Weekly Photo Challenge Through ll – Crossing the Esna Lock

Abydos & The Raising Of The Djed!
– The Myths and stories of Abydos

Sunsets On The Nile – Beautiful sunsets along the Nile

The Twin Temples Of Abu Simbel – About our trip to this amazing temple

Ozymandias & The Cult Of Personality
– About Rameses the Great, King of Kings!

Nubian Landscapes – A photo montage from beautiful Aswan

Finding Cairo – On the streets of Islamic Cairo

In The Shadow of Minarets – Exploring the remnants of Cairo’s layered history

The Sacred Guide Of The Celestial Barge! – The Sphinx and the funerary barge of Khufu

The Egyptian Triangle! – An ode to the Pyramids and the use of geometry by the ancient Egyptians.

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In Photos – La Tour Eiffel

Here Fell Le Bon Roi – The spot where King Henri IV was assasinated.

Allee de Justes – The ‘path of the righteous’ in Paris!

A Passion For Egypt – The Egyptian treasures in the Louvre

Unexpected Window Decoration – Tromp l’oeil windows in Paris.

The Pigeon Feeder Of Rue Montorgueil – An unexpected and moving encounter on this beautiful pedestrian street in Paris

A High Tech Mashrabiyya – A peek into the Institute du Monde Arab in Paris

Notre Dame de Paris – D’Autres Vues – Alternative views of the Gothic cathedral

Paris – Les Meilleur Macaron – In search of the prefect macaron.

Paris – A Moveable Feast! – A delightful birthday picnic on the seine.

Paris L’Ancien Et Le Moderne – The contrasts of the old and the new in the City of Light.

A Sunday In Paris – An exploration of markets and museums

Paris – An Edible Masterpiece – A jewel of a confection from Pierre Herme

The Window Tower Of Uzes – A Pisa look alike in the Languedoc province of France!

Sunday Post Splendid – The breathtaking stained glass of Sainte Chapelle

Come See The Earth Turn – Foucault and his pendulum.

The Palais And The Pont – Exploring Avignon

A Night Cruise On The Seine – The city of lights by night!

Sheltering From The Rain in Galerie Vivienne – One of the ‘Passages Couverts’ of Paris

The Blue Shutters Of Provence! – Wandering the sunny streets of Provence

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Calling On Zeus – Visiting temples dedicated to Zeus across three countries for the Z challenge

Columns Of The Sky – The breathtaking monasteries of Meteora

The Road Of The Knights – Tracing medieval footsteps through Rhodes

On The Edge Of The Caldera – The breathtaking scenery of Santorini.

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The Dancing Girl & The Goddess – Ancient symbols of gender equality provoke reflection on the current state of women in India.

The Tomb Of Safdarjung – Not quite as perfect as the mausoleum of Humayun, but still beautiful!

Joy Is…Breaking My Tiger Jinx! – On our first tiger sighting in Kabini

A Sharqi Pit Stop – The last remnants of Sharqi archtecture and a royal bridge in Jaunpur

The Presence Of Absence – Exploring the remains of Armenian presence in India

Happy Birthday Madras! – A birthday song to celebrate Madras 365

Lucknow – A Walk In The Chowk – A morning in the old town.

Lucknow – An Ode To Urbanity – Seeking romance and culture in the city of Nawabs.

The Ruins Of Mehrauli – An archaeological park  in Delhi that aims to conserve a thousand years of history!

The Magen David In Calcutta – A poignantly beautiful synagogue in Calcutta.

A Monkey Parade – A simian encounter.

Ten Thousand Shades Of Green – Revisiting memories in the Nilgiri Hills.

The Lesser Denizens Of Nagarhole Park – The less elusive inhabitants of Nagarhole National Park.

Look Who’s Returned To My Mango Tree!

A Walk Through The Mullick Ghat Flower Bazaar – The smells, sounds and explosive colours of the wholesale market.

A Tryst With Divine Spirits – Witnessing a traditional Bhuta Kola dance in Mangalore.

A Wild Weekend – My first big cat sighting in Kabini.

Where The Wheel Of Dharma Was Set In Motion – Where Buddhism began.

The Grand Dame Of Chowringhee – A review of the Oberoi Grand.

Calcutta Street Scenes – A few atmospheric snapshots of the ‘City of Joy’

Reflections – Some fabulous Indian monuments mirrored.

Echoes Of The Raj – Exploring the relics of empire.

A Graveyard Of Colonial Memories – The poignant South Park cemetery in Calcutta.

Caught In The Act – Slices of street life in India.

Surviving Kashi – Being overwhelmed by the drama of life and death in Varanasi.

Chai On The Road – Tea tasting around India!

Art Inspired By Faith – The skilled artisand of Kumartuli

Framed Stories – Glimpsing a fleeting fragment of life in Varanasi.

Holy Cow – Proof that they rule our roads!

Dog I shall Drink Your Blood!! – Hauz Khas Kitsch!

Delving Into Delirium – Diving into the overwhelming chaos of Chandni Chowk!

Vanishing Wells – Visiting two beautiful Baolis (stepwells) in Delhi.

A Graceful Gathering – Observing black buck at Sikandra.

The Incredible Destiny Of Mirza Giyas Beg – A visit to the exquisite tomb of the patriarch of two powerful empresses!

The Simplicity Of Perfection – What else, but the glorious Taj Mahal!

The Light Of Faith – Witnessing the Ganga Aarti in Varanasi.

A Morning Cuppa – Candid shots from Varanasi.

The Architecture Of Silence – Reveling in the magnificence of Humayun’s Tomb in blissful solitude.

Giving Delhi Its Due – A fresh perspective on a city that I never liked very much before.

Reflections On Our Road Trip – An overview of our trip to delhi, Agra, Lucknow and Varanasi.

Can We Heed The Lessons Of Uttarakhand – On what we take away from a natural calamity of this proportion.

The Changing Rhythm Of My Hometown – Documenting the ‘development’ of Mangalore.

Lunch In My Neighbourhood – Iphone shots of my neighbourhood.

Hope…..Or The Lack Thereof – On the recent attacks on artistic freedom.

The City Of Victory – Experiencing Jaipur.

The Things I Take For Granted – A  brief glimpse into the cave art of Mahabalipuram.

A legacy Of Peace – Can we be the change we want to see in this world?

Travel Theme Tradition – The Kili Jothishyam of Tamilnadu.

The City I Call Home – A snapshot of Chennai.

A Recurring Dream – My nostalgic daydream.

The Winds Of Change – An ancestral home revisited.

Memories – An emotional journey into my past.

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Venetian Lions – On the lions of Saint Mark

L’Isola Flamboyant! – The dazzling colours of Burano!

Torcello – The Cradle Of Venice – Experiencing the serenity of this island refuge.

Rialto -The Heart Of The City – Visuals from a memorable market.

Bologna A Walk In The Rain – A day trip to meet a blogger friend.

Venice Beyond San Marco – Random explorations beyond the center.

The City In The Sea – Part I – Revisiting the magic of Venice after three decades!

On The Move In Venice – A photo montage of water transport in Venice.

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The Synchronised Scramble Of Shibuya – On the most iconic intersection in the world!

The Kazaridaru Of Meiji Jingu – The significance of the decorative sake barrels at the Meiji Jingu.

The Historical Government House Of Takayama – A walk through the Edo era Takayama Jinya.

Rest In Peace, For The Error Shall Not Be Repeated – Photo essay of the Hiroshima peace memorial.

Inside The Healing Pillar Of Nara – Nearly guaranteeing our places in heaven!

Shichigosan At Meiji Jingu – Witnessing a traditional rite of passage at this bustling shinto shrine.

The Temple Of Pure Water – On the grand stage of the Kiyomizu Dera.

And Now Some Tasteful Japanese Aesthetic – A gallery of sign boards from Kyoto and Takayama

Future Tense! – Getting futures foretold at the Kau Cim stall in the Asakusa shrine

The Grand Gate On The Sea – The sublime Otorii and the Itsukushima shrine

Fortress In Focus – Osaka castle and grounds

The Cleansing Waters Of The Temizuya – Shinto ablution fountains

Shinjuku By Night – The lights of this atmospheric neighbourhood of Tokyo

The Mountain Of Fuji – Disappointment at the missing snow cap on Fuji San!

How Tall Is Tall? – Being overawed by the Sky Tree in Tokyo!

The Karakuri Marionettes Of Takayama – Witnessing a centuries old puppet show.

The Takayama Hachiman Matsuri – The colourful autumn festival of Takayama.

Will You Take Me Home? – A pet shop in Tokyo.

What A Wonderful World! – The Kenrokuen gardens, Kanazawa.

Jinrikisha – The Pulled Rickshaw – Hand pulled rickshaws of Japan.

Shinro Shimpu, Banzai – Witnessing new beginnings in Japan!

The Gassho Zukhuri Houses Of Ogimachi – The distinctive thatched buildings of this heritage village.

As Know As Pinky! – Funny signs in Tokyo.

Tadaima – And back.

Sayonara – Off to Japan!

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Calling On Zeus – Visiting temples dedicated to Zeus across three countries.

Tracing The Footsteps Of The Bedouin – In the spectacular desert of Wadi Rum!

A Rose Red City, Half As Old As Time – A walk through the Siq into the Nabatean city of Petra.

The Stone Of The Desert – The gorgeous Kerak Castle.

Stepping On Masterpieces – Mosaics Madaba and elsewhere.

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The Gilded Bas Relief Of Wat Mai – The grand ornamentation in the royal monastery of Luang Prabang.

The Serpent Guardians Of Indo China – A gallery of the ubiquitous Nagas around Laos and Cambodia.

The Patterns Of Wat Sene – A look at the details of the ‘Temple of a hundred thousand treasures’ in Luang Prabang.

Mekong Sunsets – The drama of day’s end over Luang Prabang and Siem Reap.

A Glimpse Of The Sacred – The serene charm of Luang Prabang.

Temple Of The Golden City – On Wat Xieng Thong, the most important temple in Luang Prabang.

A Gentle Initiation To The Land Of A Million Elephants – Slowing down to Lao time in Vientiane.

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The Wooden Balconies Of Lima – The Moorish balconies of Casa de Osambela.

Geometry – Examples of the fine stonework of the Incas.

The Sacred Capital Of The Inka – A walk through enchanting Qosqo (Cusco).

The Old Peak Of The Inca – Exploring the mystical citadel of Machu Picchu.

Travel Theme Signs – Unique Puma signs in Qosqo.

The Mystical Inca Ruins Of Moray – Pondering the mystery of the circular terraces in this Inca Village.

The Andean Village Of Cinchero – A quiet contemplation in this market town.

Picture The World – Peru – My entry to the Departure Board project.

Pisac Town & Market (Photo Challenge) – Pisac Town & Market as the title suggests!

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Rubbng Shoulders With Gorillas – Our close encounters with the magnificent silverbacks of Virunga

The Extraordinary Renewal Of Rwanda – On Rwanda’s remarkable recovery from the aftermath of genocide!

Back From Africa – A summary of our trip to the dark continent.

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Travel Themes – Curvas & Rojo! – The reds and curved lines of Spain!

The Antigua Casa Figueras – The beautiful Art Nouveau Pasteleria Escriba in Barcelona.

The Dark Lady Of The Serrated Mountains – The Monastery of Montserrat.

The Swan Song Of Antoni Gaudi! – The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

Gaudi In The Details – The quirky details of the Casa Casa Batlo!

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The Doors Of Zanzibar – Photo essay on the ornamental doorways that evoke an opulent past.

The Allure Of The Familiar – Exploring external influences on the history of Zanzibar.

The Masaai Of Tanzania – Reflection on the lives of this proud and beautiful tribe.

The Gnu & Its Wanderlust – Exciting encounters with migrating herds of Wildebeest.

Serengeti The Cycle Of Life – On the predator – prey tango in the Savannah!

The Captivating Landscape Of Tarangire – Photo essay on the landscape of this national park.

A Dreamy Afternoon At The Rock – Lunch at the pictureque Rock restaurant in Zanzibar.

Back From Africa – A summary of our journey from Kigali to Zanzibar.

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The Bridge On The River Kwai – The myth and the brutal reality behind the iconic movie, and the bridge it was based on.

The Serpent Guardians Of Indo China – A gallery of the ubiquitous Nagas around Laos and Cambodia.

Phra Buddhasaiyyas In Perspective – Close-ups of the golden reclining Buddha in Wat Pho.

Conspicous Contrast – Marketing contrasts between street stalls and fancy show windows!

A Cheerful Dose Of Bangkok Vibrance – An intense dose of chromotherapy from the capital of Siam!

Meditating Beneath Metal Spires – The beautiful and serene Loha Prasat.

The Scented Colours Of Pak Klong Talat – A walk through the giant flower market in Bangkok.

Tis The Season In Bangkok – Marveling at the scale of festive decorations in a Buddhist city!

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Calling On Zeus – Visiting temples dedicated to Zeus across three countries for the Z challenge.

The Mansions On The Bosphorous – On the gorgeous waterfront Yalis of Istanbul.

Guest Post: The Shrine Of The Mevlana – Paying our respects to Rumi in Konya.

The Seat Of Satan – Visiting Pergamom, once home to the famed altar of Zeus.

Bridging Cultures In Istanbul – Contemplating the tangled skein of cultures that is Istanbul!

A Sacred Necropolis – A walk through Hierapolis.

The Culinary delights Of Istanbul – Eating our way through this amazing city!

The Silence Of War – Feeling anguish at the waste of war in Anzac Cove.

Stepping On Masterpieces – Mosaics in the mosaic museum and elsewhere.

Secret Places – The Subterranean Cities Of Cappadoccia – Exploring one of the underground cities in this region.

A Concert Under A Medieval Tower – An impromptu musical evening under the Galata Tower!

The Blue Mosque (Photo Challenge) – What can be bluer than the Blue Mosque in Istanbul?

Floating Over Fairy Chimneys – Our fantastic balloon ride over the moonscape of Cappadocia.

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Interpreting The Elements In Images – Earth, Water, Fire & Air in photos!

In Honour Of Trees – On being part of the Neralu Tree Festival in Bangalore

Behind The Scenes – A look the how & whys of blogging on turning three!

Sharing Summer’s Bounty – The parakeets are back!

Look Who Strayed Into My Mango Tree – A new and colourful visitor!

Look Who Was Invited To Lunch Next Door! – More feathered visitors to my mango tree.

My Elusive Neigbours – Meet the avian residents of the Mango tree outside my kitchen window.

What Is Your Superstition? – A look at irrational beliefs and how they impact our lives.

Travel My Way – Different modes of transport for the Travel Your Way contest.

Better brown Than Brassy – Brown in all its hues from across the globe!

Nostagic – What makes me nostalgic and links to more ‘memories’ posts.

On Aging And Obsolescence – Examining the meaning of ‘old’!

Tattered Treasures – More precious nostalgia.

Hope…..Or The Lack Thereof – Despair at the recent attacks on artistic freedom in India.

The Booker Award – My five favourite books.

A Legacy Of Peace – On Gandhi (Also an entry for my A-Z challenge).

C Is For Centum – Celebrating 100 posts and 26 more awards!

Art On My Walls – A peek into my collection of contemporary Indian art.

7 Super Shots
– My seven best shots for the Hostel Bookers Super Shots Challenge.

Returning Thanks! – Acknowledging 18 more awards and my 25K milestone.

Too Much Of A Good Thing?
 – Celebrating 8 awards and my 10 K milestone.

It Is Raining Blog Love! –  The Versatile Blogger Award & 7 new things about me.

And The Liebster Goes To – The Liebster Award.

Milestones And Thanksgiving For An Accident Of Birth – Counting blessings and touching the 5 K mark.

Crossing Thresholds – A gallery of doors.

People Watching – Some portraits of the people of my places.

The Urge to Wander – An introduction to my Blog.

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