Giving Delhi Its Due

Changing of the guard at Rashtrapathi Bhavan

Granted my earlier visits had been limited to meetings with modular furniture makers and interior contractors, but charm was still the last thing I expected to find in Delhi! An insidious allure that gets under your skin, even as you wilt in the heat and the pollution smothers your lungs. “Do tourists really get to know […]

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Beng Mealea – Breathtaking Desolation!

The Lost Temple of Beng Mealea

Stepping on the ancient, lichen covered stones of Beng Mealea, in the deep, dark shadows of late afternoon, is almost meditative. No armies of tourists to vie with for the best camera angles here. Just us and a couple of nimble footed little descendants of the Khmer. Beng Mealea – meaning ‘Lotus Pond’ – situated 45 km East of […]

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The Temple Mountain Of Angkor Wat

Churning of the ocen Bas relief at Angkor Wat

Once upon a time, an Indian prince named Khambu set sail Eastward to become the object of affection of a Naga princess, Mera. They married, and from their union was born the Khmer (Khambu + Mera) and the kingdom of Kampuchea (Khambujas = sons of Khambu). This legend of creation is flawed however, since the history of the […]

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The ‘Old Peak’ Of The Inca

Machu Picchu - Featured Image

“Remember to bury these under the Sun Gate.” Frank, our guide, handed over a bunch of coca leaves…. “For luck.” I carefully tucked the leaves into my pocket before boarding our train to Aguas Calientes. Frank was going to await our return to the Sacred Valley, the next evening. We lucked out with front row […]

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The Mystical Inca Ruins Of Moray

Six concentric terraces surround a central circular ‘arena’ connected by a series of stone ‘steps’ fixed to the retaining walls in a radial pattern, mimicking the rays of the sun.  Six more surround them in an elliptical shape and another eight stepped terraces at the perimeter, span a portion of the narrow end of the […]

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Egypt – Star Gazing In Dendera

Temple of Hathor - Dendera, Egypt

The art and architecture of the ancient Egyptians is amazing enough. That they could also map the sky, nearly as well as it is done in the 21st century, is simply astounding! A bas relief – the Zodiac of Dendera – that was found in the Temple of Hathor proves this beyond a doubt. This 8 feet […]

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Xian – Where China Began

Small is relative in this country of superlatives, but Xian (pronounced Shi-Aan) wasn’t small by any stretch of the imagination. With a population of over eight million* and the wrecking balls in full swing, Xian is fast catching up with its larger counterparts. Despite all this, despite our surprise at its bigness, the constant grey skies and […]

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Egypt – The Sacred Guide Of The Celestial Barge

Giza Solar Barge

The Sphinx is even more impressive in reality than it appears in pictures. Unfortunately it is cordoned off and visitors are only allowed to view it from a distance and do not have access to the temple beneath. Still, we were totally overwhelmed by its enigmatic smiling face. The ancient Egyptians considered the Sphinx, the “Sacred […]

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More from the Chongqing Region……

For the average tourist, Chongqing is a place to kill time before a Three Gorges Cruise. A pity, because there is so much more to the region – carved rock grottoes, natural splendours, and ancient towns. Featured here are three – excluding the Ancient Walled Town of Laitan – of the amazing world Heritage sites we explored from Chongqing. The […]

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