In Photos – Stolen Moments Of Solitude

I am teased endlessly for being a chatterbox. But for all my gregariousness I cherish solitude, enveloped as I am by the bustle of a big Indian city. Is it even possible to steal quiet reflective moments from the din of urban living? Yes it is. Solitude is in the mind. Learning to shut out the noise…

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Colour My World – Grey

Grey. That most neutral of colours. Detached, disengaged, doubtful. Neither white nor black. Day nor night. The morning mist. The shadowy veil of twilight. The dismal pall of winter fog. The ghostly whispers of memories. The colour of wisdom and truth. Of life. Presenting a gallery of greys from around the world.  

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Around The World In Circles

The Circle. The Bindu. The Mandala. All ancient symbols of the infinite. The Cosmos. Defined by its center. The anchor of consciousness. Its circumference representing continuum. The whole. The end, and the beginning. The sun, the moon, the stars. The divine halo. The seasons. The tides. Time….every single hour, minute and second. Life. All cyclical. All circular. Join…

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