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May 10

On The Move In Venice

Venice was all floating fabulousness! It felt like I was just getting to know the city, when it was time for me to leave. “What will you do there for an entire week? And alone?” my friends exclaimed before I left.  I could easily have stayed another two. I walked mostly. Through endless narrow calles, over innumerable pontes and onto picturesque campos presided […]

“The City Of The Earth”

“…..By the name of Singui [Suzhou] is to be understood ‘the city of the earth’, as by that of Kinsai [Hangzhou], ‘the city of heaven’ “ ~ From the “Travels Of Marco Polo” At first glance Suzhou seems soulless. With its smoke belching chimneys and traffic choked streets, it is one of the largest manufacturing hubs […]