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November 01

The Magnificent Karst Bridges Of Wulong

The stunning Three Natural Bridges in Wulong National Geology Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site, and setting for key scenes in “Transformers 4: Age  of Extinction” & “Curse of the Golden Flower” – was the highlight of our China trip along with Laitan ancient town. I featured both in some of my earliest posts. Here is a recap in photos, […]

View from The Rock October 13

A Dreamy Afternoon At The Rock

Accessed by boat at full tide and on foot over a narrow coral embankment when the tide is out, the setting of this picturesque shack perched on a rocky outcrop of the Michamwi Pingwe coast of Zanzibar, justifies its inclusion in many top restaurant lists And our 90 minute taxi ride from Stone Town!   Sipping on a chilled […]

The Chinese Zigzag Bridge

The zigzag bridge is a common feature in classical Chinese gardens. According to local lore (and tourist guides!) zigzag bridges and paths are said to confound evil spirits that can only walk straight lines for whatever reason! But in actual fact, these bridges are mainly decorative features based on the the Zen principle of mindfulness. Their non linear construction forcing one’s attention […]

May 04

Cidade Maravilhosa From Above

We are not beach people, not by any stretch of the imagination. Add to that the prohibitive rates for less than appealing hotel rooms and we almost cut Rio de Janeiro out of our vacation plans, the main focus of which was Peru and Argentina. But with connections into South America via Sao Paulo we decided to allot a couple of days to […]

January 11

Mekong Sunsets

They say warm weather is conducive to spectacular sunsets. But that doesn’t explain why the sunsets on the Mekong were so much more memorable than any I have witnessed in the subcontinent…..and there have been many. I am a West coast girl remember? Whatever the reason, those moments spent in anticipation of the radiant feast […]

December 28

Tracing The Footsteps Of The Bedouin In Wadi Rum

No words or images can do justice to the spectacular desert landscape of Wadi Rum, whose simple, large hearted nomadic inhabitants and their warm welcoming hearths moved us as deeply as the savage land itself. Traversing this surreal sea of sand and cliff was a near spiritual experience. Its vast stillness underlining the immensity of nature, and the insignificance of […]

November 17

Midori Days!

Can’t seem to get Japan out of my head 🙂 Thank you for visiting and have a great weekend 🙂 And don’t forget to check out more things green, here. Related articles: More Posts On Japan My Previous Weekly Photo Challenges