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March 29

Capturing Ephemeral Moments In Venice

Travel for me is all about the transient moments I encounter. Fleeting fragments of life that evoke mood and a sense of place. To be able to freeze those ephemeral stories,  to ensure they endure long after their momentary enactment, is such a boon. Here are a few examples. All from Venice. In Torcello…. –  Exiting a vaporetto…. – […]

June 20

The Space Between

  — They looked picture perfect. Two beautiful people framed between two pillars of the cathedral of Santa Maria Dell’ Assunta in Torcello. I considered showing them these photos. But I held back, reluctant to intrude into that beautiful space between them, that radiated a delightful sense of ease. And togetherness.   More from Torcello in a few days. […]

May 24

Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

Peggy Guggenheim’s irreverence and sense of humour is evident from this 1948 Marino Marini sculpture presiding over the canal side entrance to her old home Palazzo Venier de Leoni (Now home to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection). The bronze male nude astride a horse is hardly what you would expect to be titled ‘Angel of the City’!   Serious scrutiny……..   […]

May 17

Weekly Photo Challenge – Works Of Art

To me, Venice is in itself a work of art. For the purpose of this weeks challenge however, I showcase some delightful window displays from the magical city…….from chocolate art to carnivale masks. All but the first, shot through glass. Hope you like them as much I did discovering them. Do check out these related images […]

May 10

On The Move In Venice

Venice was all floating fabulousness! It felt like I was just getting to know the city, when it was time for me to leave. “What will you do there for an entire week? And alone?” my friends exclaimed before I left.  I could easily have stayed another two. I walked mostly. Through endless narrow calles, over innumerable pontes and onto picturesque campos presided […]

April 25

A Wild Weekend!

If like Jo, any of you have lost track of where I am in my current adventures, let me get you up to speed. To see a tiger in the wild has been a lifelong dream of ours, and when a dear friend invited us to join him for a safari at the Nagarhole (Kabini) reserve near Mysore, R & I readily agreed. Mr. Tiger […]

Threshold, meiji Jingu Shrine April 05

Weekly Photo Challenge – Crossing Milestones

A literal as well as symbolic crossing of the threshold in the Meiji Jingu shrine, Tokyo. This little girl, in her traditional finery, is all set to mark a milestone at the Shichi-go-san, a coming of age ritual celebrated annually at Shinto shrines across Japan. More about it here. Thank you for visiting………..have a great weekend. Related articles: […]