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The Gilded Bas Relief Of Wat Mai

Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham on Sisavangvong street, was once the principle royal monastery, the residence of the chief Laotian Buddhist dignitary (Phra Sangkharat), and the repository of the 33″ high, gold alloy Buddha icon (Phra Bang), that Laung Prabang derives its name from. It also once held the famed Emerald Buddha, that was moved to Vientiane, before being carted…

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Asian Traditions

Every custom, folklore, tradition and value system across Eastern cultures is heavily influenced by religion. Secularisation of society and mass tourism pose real threats to these shared beliefs and traditional ways of life. Traditional dress is already on its way out and language, customs and value systems are constantly under assault from global media. Imagine a…

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Luang Prabang – A Glimpse Of The Sacred

Vientiane was our decompression stop. With minds and bodies suitably attuned to the calm that forms the core of Lao lifestyle, we do nothing on our first evening in Luang Prabang, save for a brief foray into the night market, following a fabulous complimentary meal at our hotel. We have to drag ourselves away from breakfast overlooking the Mekong…

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