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Stepped Pushkarini, Hampi October 14

Sacred Waters

Water – as life giver and as a symbol of purity – is an essential component of religious rituals like baptism and ceremonial cleansing. For a religion that derives its name from a river – Sindhu, from the Indus – water takes on a whole new meaning. No Hindu temple is complete without a Pushkarini or temple tank. Many tanks have natural sources beneath […]

May 10

On The Move In Venice

Venice was all floating fabulousness! It felt like I was just getting to know the city, when it was time for me to leave. “What will you do there for an entire week? And alone?” my friends exclaimed before I left.  I could easily have stayed another two. I walked mostly. Through endless narrow calles, over innumerable pontes and onto picturesque campos presided […]

January 22

The Cleansing Waters Of The Temizuya

Ritual cleansing prior to worship, is an age old practice. The use of water to purify oneself, being obligatory in most world religions until today. Traditionally, this purification was done at a river, stream or seashore.  As religions evolved, ablution fountains and Lavers started appearing in the outer courts of places of worship. The temple tank […]

June 14

A Recurring Dream

There is a stretch of land between the airport and Mangalore town that is so verdant and beautiful that it never fails to bring a lump to my throat. I get off at the bridge to inhale the fresh, earthy fragrance that I have missed so much. “Wouldn’t it be lovely to buy some land […]