Lotus bds from Kolkata Flower Market July 02

For Christine


Pergamom, Turkey June 30

Travel Quote Series – Free Yourself

I believe implicitly in the capacity of all human beings to achieve their dreams if they put their minds to it. I also believe that when you want something badly enough, you – and the universe – will usually find ways to make it happen. Within reason of course. For I know from experience how a lack of means, […]

DSC_6455 copy June 27

TheTwin Fishes Of Ayodhya

This story begins with a legend. From a 13th century Korean chronicle – Karak Sam Kuk Yusa – of the emergence of six princes from a clutch of golden eggs, descended from the heavens in a gilded casket wrapped in red silk. The princes miraculously attain adulthood within twelve days. Suro – the eldest – is crowned first king of the Kara dynasty and ruler of Geumgwan […]

Travel Quote Series – You Are The Foreigner

Especially for those who whine about locals not speaking English. Until next time…………happy travels, no matter where life takes you. Related: Jinrikisha – The Pulled Rickshaw Paula’s Thursday Special – Guest Challenge – Street Portraits

DSC_7480 copy June 20

Zanzibar – The Last Slave Market

The allure of Zanzibar, its multicultural, decaying opulence harking back to an affluent past, is derived from its history of thriving commerce in the Indian ocean. It is sobering to consider however, that the affluence was fueled as much by trade in ivory and slaves as in benign commodities like spices and silk. And the fact that it was the last place on […]

TQ16 June 13

Travel Quote Series – Finding The Beautiful

The ‘City of Joy’ has had its fair share of bad press over the years, but there is much beauty to be found in Calcutta if only one cares to look. Until next time….happy travels, no matter where life takes you. Travel Quote Series (1-15)

The Holocaust Memorial: A set of bronze plaques by sculptor Arbit Blatas depicting Nazi brutality against resident Jews. June 13

Il Ghetto – An Unromantic Legacy

The Doge’s council of Venice, by its singular act of confining seven hundred Venetian Jews within an abandoned foundry on March 29, 1516, gave to the world a word that is now synonymous with segregated ethnic populations. Jewish presence in Venice dates back to the 10th century. Jews were not allowed to live on the main islands even then, but […]


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