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The Colours Of Jodhpur

The magnificent Mehrangarh fort perched 120 metres above the city, is justifiably the main attraction in Jodhpur. It is one of the largest and best preserved of Rajput citadels. And one of the better maintained as well, cared for as it is by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust under the aegis of Maharaja Gaj Singh himself. The interiors are impressive, the […]

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Look Who Borrowed The Leopard’s Spots!

  “You say freak, I say unique.” ~ Christian Baloga – Related: Paula’s B&W Sunday – Unusual

DSC_0031 copy small April 13

Marwar Meets Andalucia In Mehrangarh…..

And what a visual and emotive exploration of rhythm it is! Of the passion and pathos of the Cante, with the joyous, raucous melodies of the Thar desert. The mellow tones of the acoustic guitar, with the shrill keening of the Kamaicha and the Sindhi Sarangi. The power and the poise of the Flamenco baile, with the sinuous whirling of the Kalibela […]

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ITC WelcomHotel Jodhpur – The Warmest Of Welcomes

Hotel Review: ITC WelcomeHotel Jodhpur.

51-DSC_4353 April 02

Return of the Roma……

Our trip to Southern Spain over a decade ago, followed close on the heels of a fantastic week in Rajasthan. And I remember being struck by how closely the energy and the rhythm of Flamenco resembled the folk performances we had witnessed there. The connection wasn’t just my perception however, but a throwback to the beginnings of the gypsy […]

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Postcards From Kabini

The Indian safari model prohibits the entry of private vehicles into national game parks. Even highways cutting through the large parks are sealed from 6pm to 6am. While we spied several vehicles piled up at the barricades across the main road through Nagarhole National Park well past six, and are certain that a few of the drivers huddled around the rangers […]

DSC_3366 copy March 29

Capturing Ephemeral Moments In Venice

Travel for me is all about the transient moments I encounter. Fleeting fragments of life that evoke mood and a sense of place. To be able to freeze those ephemeral stories,  to ensure they endure long after their momentary enactment, is such a boon. Here are a few examples. All from Venice. In Torcello…. –  Exiting a vaporetto…. – […]


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