Zanzibar Main Thumbnail March 01

Zanzibar – The Allure Of The Familiar

Everything, barring the intensely turquoise waters of the Indian ocean, felt startlingly familiar. The sultry weather, the spicy coconut infused curries, the colorful attire, the ornately chiseled doors. Even the traditional game of Bao. My Indianness, and the fact that I had grown up watching monsoon winds billowing the lateen sails of Arab dhows and dreaming of following in the wake of mythical adventurers, […]

Thumbnail 1 February 16

The Tomb Of Safdarjung

The site is deserted, even at midday. The Re.5/- entrance fee ($2/- or Rs.100/- for non SAARC foreigners!) is almost an apology, even without the elevated status of a royal tomb. This “last flicker in the lamp of Mughal architecture” is the final resting place of the erstwhile Nawab of Avadh, Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur […]

09102011100 copy 2 February 10

The Perception Of Proportion

On the importance of scale in travel photography as a point of reference to aid perception.

Neralu 1 February 07

In Honour Of Trees….

I grew up surrounded by trees. A huge variety of them. Like the nostalgic songs that evoke different stages of my life, trees transport me to those carefree days when we spent every spare moment outdoors. I remember the sheer pleasure of reading favourite books ensconced in the leafy, low hung branches of a cashew tree. Of dawdling before hopping into the […]

Thumbnail February 03

Joy Is ……..(No.7)

Breaking my tiger jinx! And how! From zero sightings in over twenty five years of forest visits (including several with a forest officer father-in-law) to five in under 48 hours last weekend! – All thanks to the stellar tracking skills of our young naturalist, Mithun Hunugund, who seemed to be able to preempt the movements of […]

Thumbnail January 27

Joy Is……(No.6)

  The glint of gold on my mango tree!!! Related articles: Kan Walk Will Travel – Joy is…. More from my mango tree!  

Masaai Thumbnail January 25

The Masaai Of Tanzania

Their appearance fit my every romantic notion. Tall, lithe, ebony bodies with elongated limbs, sheathed in bright colored fabric. Short cropped hair on perfectly rounded heads with stretched earlobes. Stunningly beautiful women, weighed down by intricate bead jewelry, who wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Vogue. Their posture ramrod straight. Their gait almost insolent.   But their weary […]


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