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So much of what you are is where you’ve been.

William Langewiesche
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 Welcome to my guide section: a comprehensive planning tool specially crafted for the independent traveller, with practical tips, sample itineraries, links to resources and information about what worked and didn’t for us.

All recommendations in the ensuing pages are based on my own experience unless otherwise stated. Reviews and collaborations are clearly disclosed.

Destinations are nested within Continents (below) – Countries – Regions/Cities. Some cities that demand in-depth exploration have been split into dedicated guide pages under CITY BREAKS. If you are yet to shortlist your destination, the EXPERIENCES page ,with stories categorised into themes, is the place to seek inspiration. 

PLANNING pages hold tips on photography, travel gear, visas etc. and the RESOURCES page lists the resources and Apps I use before and during a journey. I’ve compiled pre-planning tips into a concise checklist that you can download when you subscribe via email. 

Disclaimer: Travel is as personal as anything else in life. I have aimed to set out below what works best for us.The Urge To Wander is part of the affiliate programs of some of the resources mentioned on these pages including Amazon and will earn tiny commissions from qualifying purchases without any extra cost to you.Disclosure policy.

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