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We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.

Anais Nin

Are you a budding travel writer or freelancer? Are you into experiential travel and have evocative stories to contribute? I would love to hear your ideas.


As a contributor to TUTW your content will be shared with a 145000+ highly engaged digital audience. Additionally, you’ll get a “back-link” to your site that is beneficial for SEO rankings. Wider exposure equals increase in traffic to your site and/or social media accounts.


✧ Original (unpublished elsewhere) narratives from your personal travels: all that you loved about a place and what you didn’t. Expressed in a clear ‘voice’ and fleshed out with some historical/cultural background. No ‘top things to do’ lists please.

✧ Descriptive articles on local cuisine and street food is of particular interest to me.

✧ I will prioritise destinations that have not already been featured extensively on TUTW. If you think your submission will still add value, feel free to tell me how & why.

✧ Prior writing experience is preferable but not a pre-condition. Please ensure article is well crafted and free of grammatical errors.


✧ Please submit posts in a word document clearly indicating where the images should be inserted.

✧ Aim for a minimum word count of 700. Photo stories could be shorter.

✧ Long form stories should be accompanied by at least 4 or more original, well captioned images. Preferably all landscape with one (extra) vertical image for Pinterest.

✧ Images should be 1200px wide for landscape orientation and 750px wide for portrait. You could email them or send via WeTransfer or DropBox.

✧ Cite external references where necessary with not more than two hyperlinks in the body of the post.

✧ Include a brief author’s bio with a profile picture (min. 600px) and links to your blog and/or social media accounts.

✧ Email an outline of your story idea with the subject line reading ‘Guest Post- <Destination Name>’, to info@theurgetowander.com

Look forward to hearing from you.