Egypt – Finding Cairo

There is no doubt that Cairo’s architectural gems celebrate its cultural diversity. But however awe-inspiring, the essence of Cairo is not to be found in these monuments but in the labyrinth of alleys of the Fatimid city that seem to have changed little since the middle ages. We wandered this warren of narrow streets and crowded […]

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Egypt – In The Shadow of Minarets…….

Cairo was everything we were told it would be – messy, ugly and polluted. The streets were crowded and traffic chaotic. But beneath all the grime and chaos there lurked a grace and charm that was beguiling. Cairo is a city of Layers. Over 3000 years of accumulated history melding into a mosaic of fascinating cultures! Predictably, we started our […]

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Egypt – The Sacred Guide Of The Celestial Barge

Giza Solar Barge

The Sphinx is even more impressive in reality than it appears in pictures. Unfortunately it is cordoned off and visitors are only allowed to view it from a distance and do not have access to the temple beneath. Still, we were totally overwhelmed by its enigmatic smiling face. The ancient Egyptians considered the Sphinx, the “Sacred […]

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